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Pragstrasse 26-46, 70376 Stuttgart, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company supplies systems and components for the automotive industry focused on powertrain, filtration and thermal management technology. In addition, the Company has started expanding its development into electric mobility.

-As of December 31, 2019, the Company is organized into the following five business units in addition to a Mechatronics division and six profit centers:

  • Engine Systems and Components
  • Filtration and Engine Peripherals
  • Thermal Management
  • Aftermarket

-On January 1, 2020, the Company established a new Electronics and Mechatronics business unit comprised of the Company’s competences in mechatronics, electric motors, electronics as well as a profit center for compressors.

-Since its establishment in 2013, the Company's Thermal Management business unit has grown at a significantly faster pace compared to the other business units within the Company, while also emerging as the largest business unit for the Company. The rapid growth of the business unit stems from acquisitions of various businesses including the majority share of Behr in 2013 and the Delphi Thermal business unit in 2015. However, the Company’s Mechatronics division, created in 2016, has outpaced the other business units, growing in sales even as the other business units had declining sales. In the fiscal year ended December 31, 2019, the Thermal Management business unit had sales of EUR 4,556.6 million, a decrease of 1.6% from the previous year. The percentage decrease in the Thermal Management business unit was less than the year-to-year sale declines in the Engine Systems and Components Business Unit and the Filtration and Engine Peripherals Business Unit, as well as the Company’s sales as a whole. However, the Mechatronics division’s sales increased by 8.6% compared to the previous year, the largest percentage gain in any of the Company’s business segments. The Thermal Management business unit's sales comprised approximately 37.8% of the Company's total sales in the 2019 fiscal year, compared to the Mechatronics division’s 4.1%.

*While the Mechatronics division was not created until 2016, the Company has sales figures of the division starting from 2015. Sales of the Mechatronics division prior to the points shown on the graph are integrated into the Others category.



-The Company is privately owned. Mahle Foundation, a nonprofit organization which serves charitable causes, holds 99.9% of the Company. The Company’s voting rights are held by Verein zur Forderung und Beratung der Mahle Gruppe e.V. (MABEG), which exercises the shareholder rights and holds 0.1% of the Company’s shares.


Piston systems
-Gasoline pistons
-Forged pistons
-Diesel pistons

  • Aluminum pistons
  • Steel pistons

-Piston assemblies & PCU (power cell unit)

Cylinder components
-Piston pins
-Bearings and bushings
-Cylinder liners
-Connecting rods
-Piston rings

Valve train

  • Assembled camshafts
  • Cast camshafts

-Cam followers and rocker arm assemblies
-Valves, valve seat inserts and valve guides

Air management systems
-Air intake management

  • Air intake modules
  • Electric intake pipe actuators
  • Air filters
  • Air ducts
  • Resonators/Sound generators
  • Oil mist separators
  • Engine and cylinder head covers
  • Electrical heaters for blow-by systems

-EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation)

  • EGR valves
  • EGR coolers
  • Exhaust aftertreatment for diesel engines

Fuel management
-Fuel filters
-Water separation systems
-Activated carbon canisters
-Electrical heaters for fuel systems
-Water level sensors
-Water filters for water injection
-Glow control units for diesel engines
-Ion exchangers for fuel cells

Oil management systems
-Oil filter modules
-Oil pumps
-Oil heating and cooling systems
-Oil management modules for combustion engines
-Oil management modules for electric powertrains

Cooling systems
-Coolant pumps
-Low temperature radiators
-Charge air coolers
-Cooling modules
-Electric coolant pumps
-Oil heating and cooling systems
-EGR coolers
-Battery coolers
-Electrical heaters for blow-by systems
-Thermostats and control valves
-Visco fans and Visco fan drives for commercial vehicles

Air conditioning systems
-HVAC modules
-Heater cores
-PTC auxiliary heaters
-High-voltage PTC heaters
-Cabin air filters
-Climate controls
-Fragrancing systems

-Motors for electric power steering
-Starter motors for commercial vehicles
-Starter and generators
-Motor for brake systems

  • Motors for antilock braking systems
  • Motors for electronic stability control
  • Motors for electric brake boosters

-Electric water pumps
-Electric coolant pumps
-Electric actuators
-Actuators for parklock systems
-Electric heaters and sensors
-Mechatronic components for small engines
-Alternators for commercial vehicles
-DC motors and ECUs
-Brushless permanent magnet motors and ECUs
-AC induction motors and ECUs
-Motors and controllers for air and hydrogen blowers
-Motors for electric pumps for water and other liquids
-Electric drive systems

  • Low-voltage drive systems
  • 48V mild hybrid drive systems
  • Integrated low-voltage drive systems
  • High-voltage electric motors

E-Mobility electronic systems
-Electric vehicle PTC heaters
-DC voltage converters for electric and hybrid vehicles
-Electronic charging and safety interface modules
-Battery management systems
-High-voltage traction inverters
-Low-voltage traction inverters
-On-board chargers
-EMC battery filters
-Fuel cell monitors
-Motor controllers
-PTC heater controllers


1920 Founded in Germany.
1921 Started first series production of light-alloy pistons in Europe.
1929 Started series production of air, oil and fuel filters.
1938 Introduced MAHLE logo.
1959 Founded today’s MAHLE Pistons France SARL.
1964 Established MAHLE-STIFTUNG GmbH (MAHLE Foundation) and MABEG.
1968 Acquired Süddeutsche Kolbenbolzenfabrik; today: MAHLE Motorkomponenten GmbH.
1969 Acquired holding in König KG, Austria; today: MAHLE König Kommanditgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG.
1971 Grouped companies together to form MAHLE GmbH.
1972 Acquired shares in Knecht Filterwerke GmbH.
1973 Acquired shares in FISA Fundiciones Industriales S.A., Spain; today: MAHLE S.A.
1978 Founded today’s MAHLE Engine Components USA, Inc.
1979 Acquired CIMA , Brazil; today: MAHLE Indústria e Comércio Ltda.
1981 Founded Metalúrgica Mogi Guaçu Ltda. in Brazil (now MAHLE Metal Leve S.A.).
1983 Pleuco GmbH (today: MAHLE Ventiltrieb GmbH) acquired Sinterwerke Grenchen AG, Switzerland; today: MAHLE Motorkomponenten Schweiz AG.
1986 Acquired Técafiltres S.A. and Soparis S.A., France; today: MAHLE Filtersysteme France SAS.
1987 Acquired Mondial Piston S.p.A., Italy; today: MAHLE Componenti Motori Italia S.p.A.
1991 Merged the iron and steel activities of MAHLE GmbH with J.Wizemann GmbH & Co. to form the MAHLE Wizemann Group.
1993 Acquired remaining shares in Knecht Filterwerke GmbH; today: MAHLE Filtersysteme GmbH.
1994 Founded today’s MAHLE Componentes de Motor de México, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Merged MAHLE Wizemann Group with Pleuco GmbH; today: MAHLE Ventiltrieb GmbH.
1996 Acquired a majority stake in Metal Leve S.A., Brazil; today: MAHLE Metal Leve S.A.
Set up joint venture MWP Migma Ltd., India; today: MAHLE Engine Components India Private Limited.
1997 Took over the piston ring activities of Cofap S.A. with locations in Brazil (today: MAHLE Metal Leve S.A.) and Portugal (today: MAHLE Componentes de Motores S.A.).
Set up joint venture Kirloskar Knecht Filters Private Ltd.India; today: MAHLE Filter Systems (India) Limited.
Set up joint venture Knecht Duroplast Sistemas de Filtración S.A. de C.V., Mexico; today: MAHLE Sistemas de Filtración de México, S.A. de C.V.
1998 Founded MAHLE Spolka z o.o. in Poland (now MAHLE Polska Spolka z o.o.).
1999 Changed names of companies with majority holding by “MAHLE” in company name.
Established MAHLE Filtersysteme GmbH (previously: Knecht Filterwerke GmbH) and MAHLE Ventiltrieb GmbH (previously: MAHLE J.Wizemann-Pleuco GmbH).
Set up joint venture MAHLE Izumi (Liaoning) Piston Co., Ltd., China; today: MAHLE Engine Components (Yingkou) Co., Ltd.
Founded today’s MAHLE Engine Components (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.
Acquired a majority stake in WSM Krotoszyn S.A., Poland; today: MAHLE Polska Spolka z o.o.
Set up joint venture Donghyun MAHLE Filter Systems Co., Ltd., South Korea; today: MAHLE Donghyun Filter Systems Co., Ltd.
2001 Acquired shares in Brockhaus Soehne GmbH, Germany; today: MAHLE Motorkomponenten GmbH.
Acquired the Tennex Group; today: MAHLE Filter Systems Japan Corporation.
2003 Established ZNF Maschinenfabrik Spandau as a majority joint venture with BMW for camshaft production; today: MAHLE Ventiltrieb Brandenburg GmbH.
2004 Acquired Schmiedewerk Roßwein GmbH in Saxony; today: MAHLE Motorkomponenten GmbH.
Acquired the filter division of Shanghai Filter Factory; today: MAHLE Shanghai Filter Systems Co., Ltd.
2005 Acquired Cosworth Technology Ltd.; today: MAHLE Powertrain Ltd.
Established the filter plant MAHLE Componente de Motor SLR in Timisoara, Romania.
Acquired shares in Anand Automotive Systems Group Purolator India Ltd.; today: MAHLE Filter Systems (India) Limited.
Took over Brockhaus Soehne GmbH, Germany; today: MAHLE Motorkomponenten GmbH.
2006 Acquired the activated carbon canister activities of Behr in the U.S.
Acquired Norddeutsche Filter Vertriebs GmbH and AKO Filter GmbH; today: MAHLE Industriefiltration GmbH.
Opened new research and development center in Shanghai.
2007 Set up majority joint venture MAHLE Tri-Ring Valve Train (Hubei) Co., Ltd. in Macheng, China.
Acquired Edival S.A. in Argentine; today: MAHLE Argentina S.A.
Acquired the engine parts business of the Dana Corporation, U.S.; today: MAHLE Engine Components USA, Inc.
Purchased Promotora de Industrias Mecánicas, S.A. de C.V. (Promec) in Mexico; today: MAHLE Componentes de Motor de México, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Acquired the intake modules and air filtration business segment of Siemens VDO Automotive; today: MAHLE Filter Systems Canada, ULC.
Set up joint venture MAHLE IPL Limited.
2008 Opened a research and development center in Jundiaí near São Paulo, Brazil.
Acquired a majority stake in Turkish engine components manufacturer Mopisan; today: MAHLE Izmir and MAHLE Konya A.S.
Set up Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems GmbH & Co. KG as a 50-50 joint venture for the development and production of exhaust gas turbochargers.
Set up majority joint venture MAHLE Hirschvogel Forjas S.A. in Brazil.
Acquired Clemex de México, S.A. de C.V.; today: MAHLE Componentes de Motor de México, S. de R.L. de C.V.
2009 Acquired automotive activities of KTM-Kühler GmbH in Mattighofen, Austria; today: MAHLE Filtersysteme Austria GmbH.
2011 Acquired remaining shares in the Turkish engine components manufacturer MAHLE Mopisan; today: MAHLE Izmir A.S. and MAHLE Konya A.S.
Set up a new filter plant in Chennai, India; today: MAHLE Filter Systems (India) Limited.
2012 Acquired InnoWa Membrane GmbH; today: MAHLE InnoWa GmbH.
Opened a new headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.
Established a new filter plant in Kyushu, Japan; today: MAHLE Filter Systems Kyushu Corporation.
Acquired a 30% stake in the Japanese company Kokusan Denki Co., Ltd.
2013 Opened the North America headquarters in Farmington Hills, near Detroit, U.S.
Founded a new filter plant in Wuhan, China
Increased its shareholdings ratio in the Behr Group to 51%; MAHLE Behr formed the new Thermal Management business unit.
Completely acquired the piston joint venture MAHLE India Pistons Limited (MAHLE IPL) in Chennai, India.
2014 Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems founded a subsidiary in China.
Established a new plant for the Filtration and Engine Peripherals business unit in Wuhan, China.
Opened a new plant in Shengyang, China, for Shanghai Behr Thermal Systems, a joint venture between MAHLE Behr and Shanghai Sanden Behr Automotive Air Conditioning.
Acquired a majority stake in Letrika.
Set up a new plant for the Thermal Management business unit in Chengdu, China.
Opened a filter plant in Cikarang, Indonesia.
May 2015 Acquired Amovis GmbH, a company specializing in intelligent exhaust gas heat recovery systems.
Jun. 2015 Acquired Kokusan Denki Co., Ltd. by completing a tender offer bid, thus concluding its public takeover bid of the mechatronics company.
Jul. 2015 Acquired thermal business of Delphi Automotive PLC for approximately USD 727 million
Dec. 2016 Signed agreement for the acquisition of Nagares SA, a Spanish company which specializes in developing and manufacturing electronics for the automotive industry.
Feb. 2017 Acquired O-Flexx Technologies GmbH, a company specializing in the development of thermoelectric elements to heat the cabin of electric vehicles.
May 2017 Completed takeover of Nagares S.A., a manufacturer of control units, power electronics for electric auxiliary components and thermal management systems, and power converters for electric mobility solutions.
Jun. 2018 Completed divestiture of 33.33% equity investment in HBPO joint venture to Plastic Omnium.
Aug. 2018 Announced plans to acquire Behr Hella Service, a joint venture with Hella, to expand distribution of thermal management products in the aftermarket.
Acquired all shares in former joint venture Behr Thermot-tronik Italia from former shareholders Mahle Behr Kornwestheim and Valtri. Behr Thermot-tronik Italia develops and produces thermostat products across all vehicle segments.
Jan. 2019 Acquired ZG-Zahnraeder und Getriebe GmbH, a service provider in powertrain engineering with expertise in gearing technology.

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