Company Profile



2 rue Juvénal Viellard, 90600 Grandvillars, France

Business Overview

-A manufacturer of fasteners.

-The Group is organized in three divisions:

  • Lisi Automotive
  • Lisi Aerospace
  • Lisi Medical

Lisi Automotive consist of following three product lines:

  • Threaded fasteners
  • Clipped solutions
  • Safety mechanical components



  • ABC
  • Agrati
  • A. Raymond
  • Boellhoff
  • Brugola
  • Bulten
  • Ejot
  • Fontana
  • Hewi
  • Illinois Tool Works
  • Kamax
  • Nedschroef
  • Nifco
  • SFS
  • Stanley Engineering Fasteners


Screwed fasteners
-Fasteners for power train

  • Wheel screws and nuts

-Fasteners for interior assemblies and engine components

  • Screws for sheet metal
  • Self-tapping screws
  • Screws for soft materials
  • PRESSFIX screws and force-fitting nuts

Clip fasteners
-Fasteners for panels
-Fasteners for tubes and mono- and bi-material beams
-Snap-on nuts with tapped drums
-Rivets and pins
-Blanking plugs and cable grommets
-Axis fasteners and multifunctional metalloplastic subsets

Mechanical safety components

-Torsion bars
-Guide rods
-Brake hoses
-Parking brake systems
-Seat mechanism pinions and linkage
-Engine and gearbox components
-Steering components


1777 Founded as a parts maker for watches created by Frederic Japy in Beaucourt near Montbeliard
1782 Founding in Morvillars near Belfort of the Migenon & Domine manufacturing plant, which later became Viellard Megeo & Compagnie (VMC)
1807 The firms Japy and Megeon & Domine jointly decide to launch the industrial manufacturing of wood screws made in France
1899 Creation in Delle (Belfort) of the Societe Industrielle De Delle, which specializes in the manufacture of lathed screws
1968 The three family-owned companies merge to create GFD, which becomes the leading French manufacturer of threaded fasteners and Automotive nuts and bolts
1977 GFD acquires the firm Blance Aero, which specializes in aerospace fasteners. The new company is renamed GFI
1985 Creation of Former, which evolved from the merger of GFD's department for special fasteners and the Massicot company in Saint-Florent, acquired in 1981 by GFI
1991 Former acquires La Boulonnerie De Thiant (North of France), which specializes in the manufacture of nuts, and FDM in Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne
1993 Former acquires the firm Beley & Fils in Dasle (Doubs), which manufactures special nuts
1995 Former acquires Mohr Und Friedrich in Germany, which specializes in hot forging
2000 Former acquires Gradel in Haute-Savoie, which specializes in precision machining. The first of June, GFI Industries acquires the RAPID Group, which is one of Europe's leaders of metal and plastic clips fasteners (one factory in France and two factories in Germany)
2002 Creation of GFI Automotive, which is comprised of Former and Rapid. GFI Industries becomes Lisi, of which its three divisions each adopt this name and add their respective main business areas. As a consequence, GFI Automotive becomes Lisi Automotive.
Creation of a factory in Mississauga (Canada), which specializes in mechanical components
2004 Acquisition of Form a.s. in the Czech Republic
2005 Acquisition of Knipping Group of Germany
Disposal of Lisi Automotive Gradel
2007 Disposal of Monistrol plant in the Haute-Loire (France)
2008 Creation of a second production site in Shanghai
2010 Acquired automotive fastener plants from Acument Global Technologies (USA)
2014 Acquired the minority interests of LISI Jiehua Automotive Co. Ltd. raising its stake from 75% to 100%.
2015 Started operations at a new plant in Monterrey, Mexico.
2018 Announced the signing of an agreement with ARCH Global Precision LCC for the acquisition of 100% of the assets of HiVol Products.

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