Kiekert AG

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Hoeseler Platz 2, 42579 Heiligenhaus, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company is the global leader in automotive closure system technology. In 2019, the Company had an approximately 20% global market share in side door latches.

-In 2012, the Company was acquired by a group of Chinese companies led by Hebei Lingyun Industrial Group Corporation Ltd.


-Since 2007, a consortium consisting in part of BlueBay Asset Management, Silver Point Capital and Morgan Stanley held the Company's shares. In March 2012, the Company was acquired by a group of Chinese companies led by Hebei Lingyun Industrial Group.


Side door latches
-Latches with integrated or modular power closing
-Latches with power strikers
-Latches with integrated central locking systems
-Latches with electrical child safety systems
-Active inertia latches featuring integrated crash barriers

Latch modules

Rear compartment latches
-Trunk lid latches
-Liftgate latches
-Power closing latches
-Power closing striker
-Cargo latches
-Liftglass latches
-Mechanical latches

Interior actuators
-Hood actuators
-Globe box actuators
-Headliner monitor actuators
-Headrest actuators
-Center arm rest actuators
-Back rest actuators
-Fuel flap actuators
-Rear seat remote unlocking actuators
-Sliding door actuators
-Center console locking systems
-Headrest unlocking systems

-One piece strikers
-Power strikers

Drive systems
-actiMOVE modular automatic door opening and closing mechanism
-actiSLIDE modular automatic electric door sliding mechanism

Specialty products
-Inertia Protect Latch: active blocking mechanism to prevent door opening
-Comfort latch: system for noiseless door opening and closing
-E-latch: electrical latch which reduces force needed to open door
-Electrical child safety system: system which prevents unintentional rear door opening
-i-close; cinching latch
-i-move; electrical actuator for closing of the door
-i-stay; mechanical door check
-i-fold; electrical rear seat folding down system
-actiCLOSE mechanism that aids in closing manual and automatic doors
-excellENTRY electric door locking system
-Charging-plug actuators
-Latches with door warning lights
-LED latches integrating LEDs for greater illumination

Charging-plug actuator "secuCHARGE"


1857 Founded by Arnold Kiekert and specialized in locking systems, initially locks and keys for various applications.
1920's Accompanied with the rapid rise of the automobile to become the most widely-used means of transportation, the Company have concentrated on the development and production of locking systems for the automobile industry.
1976 Acquired Tack & Gabel, Wuppertal, which had likewise specialized in car locks. This led to an expansion of the customer base and product range.
1987 Was acquired by the Dr. Sterzenbach & Rau Vermogensverwaltungsgesellschaft within the framework of a management buy-out.
1995 Opened itself up to a wide range of investors by going public. The inflow of funds from the stock market launch contributed to the financing of the global growth, in particular Mexico and the United States.
1998 Began manufacturing door modules and system latches at a plant in Detroit, U.S.
2000 Kiekert Holding GmbH holds approximately 94% of the Company's shares by take-over of the shares held by the former majority shareholders and through public take-over offers to all external shareholders. The Company share was withdrawn from the M-DAX.
2004 Acquired an initial stake of 25.5% in Daeki Automotive, a Korean manufacturer of locking systems.
2005 Announced a new production facility in the Czech Republic to double its production capacity.
2012 Was acquired by China-based automotive supplier Hebei Lingyun Industrial Group Corporation Ltd.
Aug. 2015 Acquired full ownership of Henan North Xingguang Locking Systems Co. Ltd., a manufacturer of door, hood and trunk locking systems.
Feb. 2017 Announced that it opens new joint-venture facility to produce door-closure systems in South Korea with KwangJin Sanggong Company Ltd.

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