Inteva Products, LLC

Company Profile



1401 Crooks Road, Suite 100, Troy, MI 48084, USA

Business Overview

-The Company is a global supplier of interior components, closure systems, motors and electronics that serves original equipment manufacturers in the automotive industry.

-The Company's operations are divided into the following three product lines:

  • Closure Systems
  • Interior Systems
  • Motors and Electronics


-The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Renco Group, Inc.


Closure Systems
Latching systems
-Side door latches
-Sliding door latches
-Liftgate latches
-Tailgate latches
-Compartment latches
-Hood (Frunk) latches
-Trunk latches
-Low-energy release latches
-Power release latches (e-Loc) with and without cinching
-Latch ECUs
-Standard latches
-Decklid latches
-Cargo door latches
-Door latches with inertia block out assemblies which require a minimum force to disengage

Door systems
-Door modules
-Window regulators
-Door handles
-Door trims (module based)
-Handle, lock, and latching systems
-Signal and power distribution systems
-Composite window lift systems
-Window regulators with carrier plate
-Composite window regulators
-Integrated composite window regulators
-Power cargo covers
-Audio systems
-Structural components
-InDoor intelligent door systems

-Glove box actuators
-Power folding mirror actuators
-Active air flap actuators
-Parking release actuators

Interior Systems
Interior systems
-Instrument panels
-Hybrid cross car beams
-Glove boxes
-Interior trims
-Door trims
-Rear quarter trims
-Knee bolsters
-Windshield close-out panels

Assembled & sequenced products
-Cockpit modules
-Condenser radiator fan modules
-Vehicle sub-assemblies
-Product assemblies

-TPE/TPO material
-Rolled plastic material
-TPEs formed by slush casting to create a hollow component
-Soft TPO sheets which can be used as a substitute for leather in interior trim
-Bilaminate TPOs - material formed by two TPO layers
-In-line compounded glass-filled polypropylene
-Inteather thermoplastic polyolefin with improved performance, durability, ductility and increased cost efficiency.

Molded components
-Molded exterior components 
-Molded underhood components
-Molded truck components

-Thin-profile 3-D stitching
-Decorative stitching
-One-step stitching
-Edge stitching
-Contour stitching of preformed 3-D parts

Motors & Electronics
-Window regulator motors
-Sunroof motors
-Door motors
-Rollo-shade motors
-Seat motors
-Electronic motors integrated in gearbox housing

-Electronic door control modules
-Door electronics
-Integrated anti-squeeze systems

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