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  • 闭锁系统 (Closure Systems)
  • 内饰系统 (Interior Systems)
  • 电机与电子产品 (Motors and Electronics)


-Renco Group的全资子公司。


闭锁系统 (Closure Systems)
锁止系统 (Latching systems)
-侧门锁止器 (Side door latches)
-滑门锁止器 (Sliding door latches)
-举升门锁止器 (Liftgate latches)
-尾门锁止器 (Tailgate latches)
-分隔锁止器 (Compartment latches)
-发动机罩锁止器 (Hood latches)
-撞板 (Strikers)
-低能耗释放锁止器 (Low-energy release latches)
-带/不带锁紧的电源释放闩锁 (Power release latches (e-Loc) with and without cinching)
-闩锁ECU (Latch ECUs)
-标准闩锁 (Standard latches)
-后备厢盖锁 (Decklid latches)
-货舱门锁 (Cargo door latches)
-惯性阻挡总成一体式门锁 (Door latches with inertia block out assemblies which require a minimum force to disengage)

车门系统 (Door systems)
-车门模块 (Door modules)
-车窗升降器 (Window regulators)
-车门把手 (Door handles)
-电缆 (Cables)
-门饰 (模块基础) (Door trims (module based))
-把手、锁和闩锁系统 (Handle, lock and latching systems)
-信号及电力分配系统 (Signal and power distribution systems)
-车窗升降系统 (Composite window lift systems)
-带支撑板的车窗升降器 (Window regulators with carrier plate)
-综合车窗升降器 (Composite window regulators)
-集成式复合玻璃升降器 (Integrated composite window regulators)
-电动货厢盖 (Power cargo covers)
-音响系统 (Audio systems)
-结构零部件 (Structural components)
(InDoor intelligent door systems)

执行器 (Actuators)
-手套箱执行器 (Glove box actuators)
-电动折叠后视镜执行器 (Power folding mirror actuators)
-主动风门执行器 (Active air flap actuators)
-泊车释放执行器 (Parking release actuators)

内饰系统 (Interior Systems)
内饰系统 (Interior systems)
-仪表板 (Instrument panels)
(Hybrid cross car beams)
-控制台 (Consoles)
-手套箱 (Glove boxes)
-内饰 (Interior trims)
-门饰 (Door trims)
-后侧装饰 (Rear quarter trims)
-膝垫 (Knee bolsters)
-挡风玻璃封闭板 (Windshield close-out panels)

组装产品 (Assembled & sequenced products)

-车顶内衬 (Headliners)
-驾驶室模块 (Cockpit modules)
-冷凝器/散热器风扇模块 (Condenser radiator fan modules)
-汽车配件 (Vehicle sub-assemblies)
-产品组装 (Product assemblies)

材料 (Materials)
/热塑性聚烯烃材料 (TPE/TPO materials)
-延压塑料材料 (Rolled plastic materials)
-中空零部件制造用TPE (TPEs formed by slush casting to create a hollow component)
-内饰用替代真皮TPO片材 (Soft TPO sheets which can be used as a substitute for leather in interior trim)
-层压TPO材料 “Bilaminate TPO” (Bilaminate TPOs - material formed by two TPO layers)
-内嵌模压玻璃纤维聚丙烯 (In-line compounded glass-filled polypropylene)
-提高性能、耐久性、灵活性并改善成本的热可塑性聚烯烃Inteather (Inteather thermoplastic polyolefin with improved performance, durability, ductility and increased cost efficiency)

成型零部件 (Molded components)

-成型外饰零部件 (Molded exterior components)
-成型发动机舱零部件(Molded underhood components)
(Molded truck components)

拼接 (Stitching)
-薄型3-D拼接 (Thin-profile 3-D stitching)
-装饰拼接 (Decorative stitching)
-一键式拼接 (One-step stitching)
-边缘拼接 (Edge stitching)
-3D成型零部件的预制拼接 (Contour stitching of preformed 3-D parts)

电机与电子产品 (Motors & Electronics)
电机 (Motors)
-车窗升降电机 (Window regulator motors)
-天窗电机 (Sunroof motors)
-车门电机 (Door motors)
-卷帘电机 (Rollo-shade motors)
-座椅电机 (Seat motors)
-电机一体式变速箱壳体 (Electronic motors integrated in gearbox housing)

电子产品 (Electronics)

-电动车门控制模块(Electronic door control modules)
-车门电子产品 (Door electronics)
-集成防挤压系统 (Integrated anti-squeeze systems)

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