Ichikoh Industries, Ltd.

Company Profile




80 Itado, Isehara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 259-1192, Japan

Business Overview

-A lamp manufacturer under the Valeo Group.

-The Company conducts its business in three operating segments.

Segment Overview
Automotive Products Productions and sales of lighting and mirror products for automakers
Other Parts Business Productions and sales of automotive valves, wipers and other components mainly for aftermarket

-Decided to sell its Mirror Business to the Motherson Group at the Board of Directors on September 26, 2022.


-Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. (As of Dec. 31, 2022)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
Valeo Bayen 61.16
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. 5.66
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 4.44
INVERSIS / IICS Japan 4.28
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. 1.11
Nippon Life Insurance Co. 1.02
Nomura International PLC A/C 0.60
BNP PARIBAS Luxembourg / 2S /JASDEC Security / UCITS ASSET 0.55
Total 75.49


All-in-one standard LED light source - MonoLED

Front lamps

-LED headlamp systems

  • LED highbeams/low beams
  • LED position lamps
  • LED turn signal lamps

-AFS: Adaptive Frontlighting Systems

  • Bi-function HID projectors
  • LED bending lamps
  • LED daytime running lamps
  • Light-guide-clearance lamps
  • Forward stereo CCD

-Front turn signal lamps
-Fog lamps
-Headlamp cleaner
-Adaptive Driving Beam (Matrix Beam System)

Rear lamps
-LED rear combination lamps

  • LED tail lamps
  • LED stop lamps
  • LED turn signal lamps
  • LED rear fog lamps

-ARS: Advanced Rearlighting Systems

  • Night Vision
  • Rearward stereo CCD

-High mount stop lamps

Other lamps
-Map lamps
-LED console lamps
-LED spot lamps
-Side flasher lamps
-License lamps
-Room lamps
-Indicator lamps


Jun. 1903 Hakkosha started business as a manufacturer specializing in white wax oils, signal lamps, etc. Started to supply products to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
Apr. 1916 Ichikawa Seisakusyo started business as an automotive parts manufacturer.
Jun. 1934 Ichikawa Seisakusyo incorporated.
Dec. 1939 Hakkosha Co., Ltd. was established.
Jul. 1962 Ichikawa Seisakusyo built Isehara Plant in Isehara City, Kanagawa Pref.
May 1964 Hakkosha built Nakatsugawa Plant in Nakatsugawa City, Gunma Pref.
Jan. 1965 Ichikawa Seisakusyo built No.1 Fujioka Plant in Fujioka city, Gunma Pref.
May 1967 Hakkosha Industries and Ichikawa Manufacturing entered into a business partnership.
Oct. 1968 The two companies were merged into Ichikoh Industries, Ltd. with capitalization of 1.4 billion yen.
Apr. 1969 Built No.2 Fujioka Plant.
Aug. 1971 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Nov. 1990 Established a subsidiary Ichikoh Malaysia SDN. BHD in Malaysia.
Mar. 1997 Established PT. Ichikoh Indonesia in the suburb of Jakarta, Indonesia.
Jan. 2000 Built a new plant for Kenkoh Industries in Taiwan.
Jul. 2000 Formed a comprehensive alliance with Valeo in the area of lighting devices.
Dec. 2000 Isehara Plant QS9000 certified.
2001 Developed jointly with Harrison Toshiba Lighting the world's first next-generation "mercury-free HID head lamp system." Commercialization is planned for 2003.
Jul. 2003 Established Wuxi Koh Sean Technology Co., Ltd. (China).
Mar. 2006 Established Foshan Ichikoh Valeo Auto Lighting Systems Co., Ltd. in China.
Dec. 2006 Established Ichikoh Mitsuba Inc. (IMIC) in Kentucky, USA
Feb. 2007 Dissolved Ichikoh Manufacturing, Inc. (IMI), its subsidiary in Kentucky, USA
Aug. 2008 Established Ichikoh Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd., its subsidiary in Thailand
Sep. 2009 Closed the Nakatsugawa Plant as part of the initiatives to reorganize the production structure.
Dec. 2009 Closed the Oizumi Plant as part of the initiatives to reorganize the production structure.
Oct. 2010 Located home office to its currently location.
Aug. 2011 Liquidated Ichikoh Mitsuba, Inc., a subsidiary that was located in Kentucky, U.S.A.
Aug. 2012 Established Valeo Ichikoh Holding, Ltd. in Ireland.
Dec. 2012 Transferred all of its shareholdings in Foshan Ichikoh Valeo Auto Lighting Systems Co., Ltd. to Valeo Ichikoh Holding Ltd.
Acquired 15% of the shares that Valeo S.A. held in Hubei Valeo Auto Lighting Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2014 Acquired an additional 50% stake in Ichikoh (Wuxi) Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. and converted it into its wholly owned subsidiary.
Nov. 2015 Sold off some of the operations of the Customer Parts Sales Section of the Automotive After Market Department under the Sales Division.
Jan. 2017 Valeo Bayen turned the Company into a consolidated subsidiary as a result of Valeo’s buying up the Company’s shares in a public tender offer.
Jun. 2019 Completed the construction of Atsugi plant.
Apr. 2022 Due to the revision of the market classification of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the company moved from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to the Prime Market.
Mar. 2023 Mirror business transferred to Misato through corporate separation.

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