Grammer AG

Company Profile



Grammer-Allee 2, 92289 Ursensollen, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company is organized into two divisions: Automotive Division and Commercial Vehicles Division.

-The Automotive Division develops and manufactures interior systems, thermoplastic components, head rests, center consoles, and arm rests, serving OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers. The Commercial Vehicles Division provides seating systems for off-road vehicles, including commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, and trains.

-The Company operates its business in three regions: AMERICAS, APAC and EMEA.


-As of Dec. 31, 2022, Jiye Auto Parts GmbH, an associated company of Ningbo Jifeng has 86.2% of the Company's stock.


Automotive Division
-Center consoles
-Interior components
-Functional components

Seating Systems Division
-Driver and passenger seats for trucks and buses


1880 Established as Willbald Grammer.
1954 Started the production of seats.
1964 Started the production of seats for tractors and forklifts, and pipes.
1967 Established a subsidiary in the UK.
1971 Built a new plant in Kuemmersbruck, Germany.
1972 Invested in Regi-Flex, Brazil. 
1976 Established Grammer Mexico.
1977 Established Grammer Inc., USA.
1977 Established Grammer Argentina.
1978 Built a new plant in Amberg, Germany.
1982 Acquired Sable, France.
1984 Formed a joint venture, Integram, with Magna International of Canada.
1985 Established Pilot-Grammer, Turkey. 
1985 Started the production of interior parts.
1987 Established Roloforms Polymer Ltd. and Harita-Grammer Ltd., India.
1988 Began to supply its products for Ford Fiesta.
1989 Changed its name to Grammer AG.
1989 Reorganize Rigi-Flex, Brazil to Grammer Brasil.
1993 Disposed of Sable, France.
1996 Acquired Lazzerni Group to expand its product range of passenger seats.
Jan. 1998 Opened a subsidiary, Grammer Automotive Mexico S.A. de C.V. in Mexico. 
Feb. 1998 Along with Tiger, founded a joint venture, Grammer Seating (Xiamen) Ltd. in China.
July 1998 Acquired the Automotive Components Division of Probel S.A. in Brazil.
Sep. 1998 Acquired the Rail Passenger Seat Section of Magna Paulisch GmbH.
Sep. 1998 Acquired the Upholstery Section of Eugen O. Butz GmbH.
Sep. 1998 Founded a joint venture GRAMAG Truck Interior Systems in Michigan with Magna Interior Systems. (invested 50 %)
Aug. 2000 Sold its remaining 35% interests in Grammer Burostuhle GmbH.
Dec. 2000 Grammer Formteile GmbH merged with Grammer AG to streamline administration.
2001 The activities of Grammer Italia s.r.l., Torino, were transferred to Costruzioni Meccaniche Leggere di R. Lazzerini C. s.r.l. in Monsano, which since November has been operating under the name Grammer s.r.l.
In the Czech Republic the shares of GrammTex s.r.o., Tachov, were transferred from GrammTex Grammer Textil GmbH to Grammer AG, both based in Amberg.
2002 Merged Grammer Passagiersitze GmbH with Grammer AG in the interest of greater efficiency in the administration of the Company.
Streamlined the structures of the Group's Czech automotive locations, both GrammTex s.r.o in Tachov and Grammer s.r.o. in Horazdovice being consolidated under one legal entity into Gramco s.r.o., Most, which itself has been re-named Grammer CZ s.r.o. in 2002.
Sold 31 percent share in Harita Grammer Ltd. in India in the course of 2002.
Feb. 2004 Established an automotive competence center in its plant at Amberg-Immenstaten.
May 2006 Inaugurated two new plants in Tianjin and Changchun in China.
2008 Entry into Russian truck market.
2009 Completion of R&D and manufacturing site in Shanghai, China.
2011 Acquired of Belgium-based EiA Electronics N.V., which specializes in development and distribution of electronic components for commercial vehicles.
Dec. 2012 Signed a purchase agreement for the takeover of Nectec Automotive s.r.o., under which Grammer will acquire 100% of share capital in Nectec s.r.o. from Fehrer Group.
Dec. 2012 Established a joint venture "Grammer Seating (Jiangsu) Co. Ltd." with Jiangsu Yuhua Automobile Parts Co. Ltd., a Chinese supplier of components for commercial vehicles and passenger cars.
2013 Acquisition of Czech Republic-based Nectec Automotive s.r.o. has been completed.
Apr. 2014 Sold its holdings in the Ningbo nectec Jifeng Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. (Ningbo nectec) to the joint venture partner Ningbo Jifeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Ningbo nectec has been manufacturing headrests in China.
Dec. 2014 Signed a contract to fully take over the joint venture in China called Grammer Seating (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Under the contract, the Company will acquire the 40% shares from Jiangsu Yuhua Automobile Parts Co. Ltd., its Chinese joint-venture partner.
Jan. 2015 Started production at new plant in the United States
Mar. 2016 Signed an agreement with Shaanxi Automobile Group Co. Ltd., for the establishment of a joint venture for truck seats.
Apr. 2016 The Company is building its new Group headquarters and research and development center in Ursensollen in the Amberg-Sulzbach district.
Feb. 2017 Ningbo Jifeng Auto Parts Co. Ltd. acquires a 9.2% stake in Grammer AG for EUR 60 million.
Aug. 2017 JAP Capital Holding GmbH acquired more than 20% of Grammer AG’s share capital.
Oct. 2017 Ningbo Jifeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd's primary stakeholder, Wing Sing International Co., Ltd., acquired shares in Grammer through JAP Capital Holding to raise its shareholding ratio to 25.51% from 20.01%.
Oct. 2018 Completed the acquisition of the US automotive components supplier TMD Toledo Molding & Die Inc.
Dec. 2018 Found the new corporate headquarters and technology center in Ursensollen in the Amberg-Sulzbach district, Germany.
Dec. 2018 Signed the contract with an Indian engineering service provider - AllyGrow Technologies, for the establishment of a joint tech center in Pune situated in western part of India.
Jan. 2019 Informed that Allygrow Technologies and the Company have recently joined forces in the form of setting up a joint venture in India to develop world-class products and solutions for the automotive and commercial vehicle industry.
Nov. 2019 Announced that it signed an agreement with Changchun FAWSN Group Co., Ltd. Changchun, China, an affiliated company of FAW Group Co., Ltd., to establish a 50:50 Joint Venture “GRAMMER FAWSN Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd. “ for automotive interior components.
2020 Opened two new plants in Ningbo and Shenyang.
Apr. 2021 Announced that its executive board decided in April to establish a Chinese headquarters in the city of Hefei (Anhui Province).
Sep. 2021 Opened a new production site in the economic metropolis of Shenyang.
Jun. 2022 Set up the Ergolab at the Company’s HQ in Ursensollen, Germany to develop ergonomic and comfortable seats.

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