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Hoehnerweg 2-4, 69469 Weinheim, Germany

Business Overview

-A leading German supplier of seals, NVH components, batteries, fuel cells, industrial fibers and filters. Products are mainly supplied to the automotive and plant engineering sectors, among others.

-The following is a description of each business unit and its operations.

Business area  Business group Activities For the automotive market
Seals and vibration control technology business area Freudenberg Sealing Technologies -Sealing products and technologies for automotive and general industry applications.
-Under the Corteco brand, it manufactures automotive aftermarket products.
Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies -Sealing products and connectors for oil, gas, renewable energy and other markets.
EagleBurgmann -Industrial seals for pumps, compressors, agitators and special equipment.
Vibracoustic -NVH products for automotive applications.
Technical textiles and filtration business area

Freudenberg Performance Materials -Textiles for automotive, construction, apparel, energy, healthcare, and other applications.
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies -Filtration technology for automotive, transport, energy, healthcare, construction, and other applications.
Japan Vilene Company -Non-woven products for automotive, medical, electrical and industrial applications.
Cleaning technologies and products business area Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions -Cleaning and laundry care products offered under various brands.
Specialties business area Freudenberg Chemical Specialities -Specialty lubricants, mould release agents for the manufacture of articles, surface treatment chemicals and products for repair and maintenance.
Freudenberg e-Power Systems -Founded in April 2022
-Fuel cell and battery systems for heavy-duty applications such as buses and trucks, as well as other market.
-Under the XALT Energy brand, it produces lithium-ion batteries, modules and systems for trucks, buses, special-purpose vehicles, and other industries.
Freudenberg Medical -Design, develop and manufacture medical devices.

-In FY2023, the highest share of the company's sales were to automotive OEMs, accounting for 42% of total company sales. 


-The Company is a family company owned by the approximately 360 heirs of the founder, Carl Johann Freudenberg.


Freudenberg Sealing Technologies
-Absolute encoders
-Advanced connectors with integrated functionality
-Actuator diaphragms
-Battery cell seals
-Battery cooling ports
-Bonded piston seals
-Breathable caps
-Cartridge seals
-Cassette seals
-Cooling connectors
-Cooling cycle tubes
-Curve gaskets
-Damper and steering seals
-Diaphragm accumulators
-DIAvent and DIAvent Light pressure management solutions
-eCON electrically conductive non-wovens
-Edge-bonded gaskets
-Elastomeric gaskets for battery housings
-EMI shielding materials
-Energy Saving Seals (ESS)
-Flexible coolers
-Frame gaskets for pouch cells
-Heat shields
-Housings with integrated seals
-Hydraulic accumulators
-In-cell gap fillers
-Large-scale gaskets
-Leakage absorber mats
-Levitex gas lubricated seals
-Low friction simmerrings
-Multipole encoders
-Offset seals
-Overmolded bus bars
-Overpressure valves
-Plastic carrier gaskets
-Plastic cooling jackets with integrated sealing
-Plug and Seal plug-in connectors
-Plug and Seal connectors with sensors
-Plug seals
-Pop seals
-Port seals
-Pouch cell frames
-Power module cooling seals
-PTFE seals for rotary joints
-Pump housings
-Radial shaft seals
-Recirculation diaphragm
-Seals for electronic modules
-Sealing caps
-Sealing covers
-Sealing disks
-Sealing mats
-Sealing plugs
-Shock absorber seals
-Simmerring radial shaft seals
-Static seals
-3D-formed all-plastic pipes
-Thermally conductive elastomer materials
-Thermoplastic materials
-Thrust washers
-Topographic 3D Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)
-Valve stem seals with back-pressure sealing lips
-VCT seal rings
-Waste gate diaphragm
-Water pump seals and gaskets
-Front and rear crankshaft seals
-Camshaft seals

Freudenberg e-Power Systems
-Fuel cells and battery systems for commercial vehicles

Freudenberg Chemical Specialities
-Lubricants and release agents for the following:

  • Brake systems
  • Steering systems
  • Chassis systems
  • Constant Velocity (CV) joints
  • Drive trains
  • Seats
  • Tires
  • Gearboxes
  • Clutches

-Corrosion protection coatings
-Decorative finishing of metal and plastic parts
-Modular cleaners for cylinder production

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies
-Cabin air filters

  • micronAir particle filter
  • micronAir combination filter with activated carbon layer
  • micronAir proTect line with added allergen protection

-Engine intake air filters
-micronAir fuel cell filters
-micronAir fuel cell humidifiers

Freudenberg Performance Materials
-Acoustic composities
-Acoustic nonwovens
-Backing materials for throw-in mats
-Backing materials for automotive carpets
-Evolon microfilament material for sound absorption
-Friction inserts
-Multi-layer composite for underbodies and wheel liners
-Nonwovens for automotive headliners
-Nonwovens as battery separators
-Nonwovens for cargo screens
-Nonwovens for fuel cells
-Nonwoven composites for molded underbody panels and wheel liners
-Automotive carpets for sound deadening and surface design
-Technical packaging for sensitive surfaces
-Battery separators for hybrid and electric vehicles
-Headliner facings
-Tuft backings for automotive carpets

-Centering devices, isolators and dampers

  • Center bearing supports
  • Center sleeves
  • Drive shaft dampers
  • Spherical center sleeves
  • Flexible propshaft couplings
  • Flexible rubber couplings
  • Propshaft dampers
  • Tube-in-tube torsional isolators

-Motor mounts

  • Hydro engine mounts
  • Switchable hydro motor mounts
  • Vacuum switchable hydro motor mounts
  • Quiettype motor mounts
  • Transmission mounts
  • Torque rods
  • Gearbox mounts
  • Engine mounts with heat shields
  • Modular motor mount bracket with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) bushing
  • Active hydro motor mounts
  • Passive switchable hydro motor mounts
  • Motor mounts for electric trucks

-Torsional vibration dampers

  • Damper isolator pulleys
  • Overrunning damper isolator pulleys
  • Vulcanized torsional vibration dampers
  • High torque pressed torsional vibration dampers
  • Sprocket dampers
  • Fluid torsional vibration dampers

-Air springs

  • Axial sleeves
  • Cross-ply bellows
  • Switchable three-chamber air springs
  • ZAX bellows
  • Bionics sleeve-type air springs
  • Lighttronics lightweight commercial vehicle air springs
  • Centronics cabin air springs

-Chassis mounts

  • DualRubber bushings
  • Hydro-bushings
  • Subframe bushes
  • Top mounts
  • Lightweight plastic top mounts
  • Cooler mounts
  • Mud stay assemblers
  • Reaction rod bushes
  • Bolster springs
  • Steering column bushings
  • Leaf spring bushings
  • Stabilizer bar link bushings
  • Lightweight Front Axle Plastic Top Mounts
  • Chassis bushing for EVs
  • Chassis bushings
  • Axle bump stops

-Chassis isolators and dampers

  • Exhaust mounts
  • Brake tuned absorbers
  • Covertible dampers
  • Mass dampers
  • Seat dampers
  • Rear differential unit dampers
  • Air supply units (ASUs) bracket
  • Elastic ring gear
  • Stator isolators
  • Encapsulated eCompressor brackets
  • Vacuum pump decoupling
  • Battery pack isolations
  • Steering dampers
  • eCompressor Decouplings

-Microcellular urethane components

  • Jounce bumpers
  • Spring aids
  • Body mounts
  • Spring isolators
  • MCU top mounts

-Cab mounts

  • Cabin mount - tilting bearings
  • Cabin mount with decouple stiffness rate and tilting functions
  • Cabin mount – comfort bearings
  • Cabin top mounts

Japan Vilene Company
-Headliner materials
-Interior materials
-Automobile filters
-Insulator materials
-Automatic transmission fluid strainers
-Floor mats
-Trunk mats
-Opening trim


1929 Manufacture of leather seals (Simmerring), a radial shaft sealing ring, was developed of Freudenberg.
1936 Use of synthetic rubber for seals.
1957 Acquired license for production of rubber-to metal-elements.
Starting of vibration control technology.
1960 Acquired holdings in the Japanese company NOK (owned 25%).
1989 Established the Freudenberg-NOK joint venture in the USA.
1991 Acquired Woodland Molded Plastic Corp., YOM of France and Carl Bartsch GmbH & Co. KG.
Sold Wheaton Health Care Products and Pharma Tech GP
1992 Acquired Freudenberg Dichtungs und Schwingungstechnik GmbH and Formenbau und Kunststofftechnik from the East German state-owned VEB Gumminwerke (Polymant GmbH).
1993 Acquired the three seal manufacturers: Procal and PU S.A. in France, and Precision Rubber Sealings in Italy Owned a minority holding in German seal manufacture ElringKlinger GmbH.
1998 Freudenberg formed a partnership with Phoenix AG and French gasket manufacture Meillor SA. 
Freudenberg terminated its partnership with ElringKinger GmbH.
Jan. 1998 Freudenberg started a plant to produce shock absorber seals for Central and Eastern European vehicle manufactures in Hungary, with DM 10 million investment.
May 1998 Freudenberg sold 37.2% share in ElringKlinger GmbH.
Jul. 1998 Freudenberg acquired the O-ring manufacturer International Seal Corp in USA.
Dec. 1998 Freudenberg acquired a minority holding in and agreed to cooperation with Meillor SA, which is a French automotive gasket manufacture to meet the demand for complete sealing systems.
With NOK acquired a minority holding in Korea company Pyung Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1999 Freudenberg Vliesstoffe KG and Japanese Vilene Company acquired Korean non-woven products manufacturer, the Xetex Corporation (owned 45%).
Mar. 1999 Freudenberg started a 3 year program of refurbishment at its brake hoses plant in Saint-Andre-Le-Puy, France.
Freudenberg invested FF 28 million at Andrezieux-Boutheon plant, France.
Jul. 1999 Freudenberg-NOK acquired a subsidiary of Meillor or SA, Farnam Meillor(USA) that produces gaskets. For systemization with transmission sealing gaskets.
2000 Freudenberg acquired a majority holding in Handles und Verwaltungsgesellshaft Erich Wagner & Co.
Jan. 2000 European Commission authorized a 50:50 joint-venture between Freudenberg and Phoenix AG. 
Jul. 2003 Freudenberg Nonwovens opened new plant for micronAir cabin air filters in Kaiserslautern.
Mar. 2004 Freudenberg & Co. acquired large sections of automotive business of Burgmann Dichtungswerke in Wolfratshausen. 
Jan. 2005 Sigma Freudenberg NOK joint venture opened a new production plant for seals in Mohali, Northern India.
May 2005 The Freudenberg Group and its Japanese partners NOK and JVC acquired Nantong Hymo.
Jun. 2006 Freudenberg NOK Mechatronics bought the production plant for large flexible printed circuits and a large share of the associated business from Delphi Deutschland GmbH.
Aug. 2007 Freudenberg & Vilene Filter Thailand (FVFT), a new joint venture established in Amata Nakon Industrial Estate.
Oct. 2007 Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership acquired the assets of Precision Industries Corporation of Germantown, Wisconsin.
Dec. 2007 Mitsubishi Corporation and Freudenberg signed a contract for the sale of the European and US Flexitech companies.
Jan. 2008 Freudenberg Nonwovens took over the operations of the Spasciani Air Filter SpA in Milan.
2010 Vibracoustic took over all shares of the joint venture partner Anvis Group, making it the sole owner of Vibracoustic do Brasil headquartered in Taubate, Brazil.
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies acquired a majority share in Micro Fresh Filters (Aust.) Pty. Ltd., Braeside, Australia.
Jan. 2011 The Company handed over its OEM cylinder head and exhaust gasket business to ElringKlinger AG with effect from January 1, 2011.
Mar. 2012 Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, acquired Pyramid Filters Pvt. Ltd.
Jun. 2012 Sold precision molded brake parts business to ContiTech Vibration Control GmbH.
Jul. 2012 Completed the joint venture between Freudenberg Vibracoustic Business Group and Trelleborg AB to form TrelleborgVibracoustic.
Oct. 2012 Freudenberg Sealing Technologies acquired 50% of the Schneegans group.
2013 Freudenberg Sealing Technologies acquired Beta Seals Sizdirmazlik Elemanlari Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Srketi, a manufacturer of bearing seals for automotive applications.
Freudenberg Sealing Technologies acquired 90% of PTFE Compounds Germany GmbH, a supplier of high-quality PTFE compounds.
Jun. 2013 Formed a joint venture, Vibracoustic CV Air Springs GmbH, from the Company's TrelleborgVibracoustic segment with HSS Otomotiv to produce air springs for commercial vehicles.
Dec. 2013 TrelleborgVibracoustic acquired its former joint venture, Sigma Vibracoustic India, a producer of automotive anti-vibration solutions.
Jan. 2014 Freudenberg NOK Mechatronics was renamed as enmech.
NOK-Freudenberg Group China was integrated into the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Business Group.
Jan. 2015 Freudenberg Performance Materials began operation combining Freudenberg Nonwovens and Freudenberg Politex Nonwovens.
Aug. 2015 Acquired Japan Vilene Co., Ltd. via a takeover bid through FT Holdings, a joint venture between the Company and Toray Industries, Inc.
Apr. 2016 Acquired and gained control of Japan Vilene Company, a manufacturer and developer specializing in nonwovens. The Company owns 75% of Japan Vilene Company, while Toray owns the remaining 25%.
Jul. 2016 Acquired remaining 50% stake of Vibracoustic GmbH, a joint venture with Trelleborg AB specializing in vibration control technology, from Trelleborg AB for approximately SEK 6.8 billion.
Feb. 2019 Increased shareholding in XALT Energy, a developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion technologies for energy storage solutions for the commercial vehicle industry headquartered in Midland, MI, U.S., from 31.8% to 50.1%.
Mar. 2019 Acquired 75% stake in Apollo Air-Cleaner Co., Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of air and water filtration solutions in Foshan, China.
Sep. 2019 Acquired Low & Bonar PLC, a manufacturer of technical textiles headquartered in London, England.
Oct. 2019 Acquired FRICTins GmbH, a startup based in Wolnzach, Germany which develops technologies for friction enhanced surfaces.
Jan. 2020 Acquired TRAXIT International GmbH, one of the largest wire drawing lubricant manufacturers in the world, through its subsidiary Kluber Lubrication Munchen SE & Co. KG.
Acquired 100% of the shares of Filc Group, a manufacturer of needle punch nonwoven textiles and laminated materials for the automotive and construction industries.
May 2020 Acquired 100% of the shares of Low & Bonar PLC, a manufacturer of technical textiles across multiple industries, including the automotive industry.
Jan. 2023 Acquired 49.9% remaining ownership interest in XALT Energy, LLC. from MBP Investors and thus become the sole owner of XALT Energy.

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