Sanden HASCO Automotive Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd. (Formerly Sanden Huayu Automotive Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd.) Business Report FY ended Dec. 2021

The company established Technology Joint Lab with Rohm

-With semiconductor manufacturer Rohm Co., Ltd., the company established "Technology Joint Laboratory" which was inaugurated in January 2021. Since their technology exchange in 2018, the two companies have established a partnership in the development of products for automotive applications using advanced power components such as IGBTs. The joint laboratory established is equipped with important equipment including test equipment that can evaluate automotive applications centered on automotive air conditioning, and test devices that can perform component evaluation. In the future, the two companies will further strengthen their cooperation to accelerate the development of innovative solutions. (From a press release dated March 2, 2021)


-In 2021, the company won the following awards.

OEM Awards
SAIC Group Performance recognition company
SAIC Hongyan Excellent supplier, strategic supplier
SFH Excellent supplier
SAIC MAXUS Outstanding supplier
SAIC Passenger Vehicle Excellent supplier


-In 2021, the company was 8 granted patents. (From a press release dated February 10, 2022)

  • Cylinder body and machining method thereof
  • Scroll plate, machining method thereof
  • Electromagnetic clutch
  • Scroll plate die
  • Scroll compressor
  • Sterilizing and degerming automobile air conditioner
  • Backpressure regulating mechanism of scroll compressor and scroll compressor
  • Scroll compressor

Capital investments

-The company opened a distributed photovoltaic power generation project on July 2, in response to the national energy saving and emission reduction demand for sustainable development. The installation area is the rooftop of the Heqing South and North plants, with an area of about 42,000 square meters. The average annual power generation capacity is expected to be 4,019,400kWh. (From a press release dated October 20, 2021)

-The company's 80 millionth automobile air conditioning compressor was manufactured at the Heqing Plant. After the production reached 70 million units, it took only 18 months for the company to set a new peak of 80 million units. The achievement of this production volume is a testimony to the company's achievements on the road to innovation and development of technologies for CASE. (From a press release dated January 16, 2021)