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Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Application of oil seals

-Number 1 share in Japan: about70%, -Number 1 share in the world: about 50%. (Research by the Company)

Oil seal for Engine crankshaft Bonded piston seal for AT

Reciprocating oil seal for Shock absorber Oil seal for Hub bearing

Dust cover for Ball joint Torsional vibration dumper for Crankshaft

Rubber coating metal gasket "Soft metal" Various O ring rubber gasket

Connector packing for Wire harnessing Seal ring for AT

2015 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Engine seal low torque new material

-Reducing friction force with rubber material itself.

Torque seal ring for rotation

-Reducing torque with oil flow.

Self-lock characteristics grease / Structural applicable grease

Special lubricant: manufactured by NOK Klueber

Super water repellent solid film lubricant

Hydrogen pressure control valve

-Controls Hydrogen flow and reduces pressure. -Reduces the gas leakage from valve. -Before mass production

Metal diaphragm damper

-for turbocharger or Exhaust gas system

Metal seal ECOCS

-Available in many sizes.

Mounts made of high damping rubber (Grommet)

Soft metal gasket

Gasket with filter

Capacitor parts

Spring seal

FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) for automotive / Flexible tactile sensor

2014 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Hub Bearing Seal

-Torque comparison model between 2 greases. -Torque reduced by 40% due to lip stain finishing and low torque grease. -Low torque grease is made by NOK Kluber Co., Ltd. (Patent applied.)

Seal for CVT pulley: Sqeeze Packing (D Ring)

Seal for CVT pulley: SPGO Packing

Seal for CVT pulley: Seal Ring

Reciprocation / Oscillation Spring Seal

-Wide range (+260 degrees Celsius) applicable due to its optimum lip shape.

Reciprocation / Oscillation Spring Seal (Enlarged image)

Soft Metal Gasket with Low reaction force Bead

-Seal surface pressure control technology

Pulse beat Absorption Metal Diaphragm Damper

Heavy Damped Rubber "High Damping Rubber"

-Technology of Rubber mixture and Vibration analysis

Heavy Damped Rubber "High Damping Rubber" - Comparison model of Vibration Absorption

Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC)

Tokyo Motor Show 2013

Oil seal

Rotating seal ring for AT and CVT

Oil pressure retention packing for CVT pulley

VOC-free solid film lubricant

Left: Coated Right: Non coated

Diaphragm damper for fuel pump

Gasket with oil filter

Urethane foam damper mount

Low reactive force rubber

-Applicable to stack gasket for Fuel Cell Vehicles

Fluorine-contained rubber

High damping rubber

Demonstration of oil seal's absorbing characteristic

Electrically-conductive rubber

-With ordinary sealing function, this product can shield electromagnetic waves

Hard magnetic rubber

Various FPC - Flexible Printed Circuit

Various FPC - Flexible Printed Circuit

Various FPC - Flexible Printed Circuit

Various FPC - Flexible Printed Circuit

2013 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Low friction oil seal

SPGO type packing for CVT pulley

Seal ring for CVT pulley

Rotary seal ring

Oil seal for drivetrain

Spring seal

Pressure control valve for fuel cell

Cell seal

Humidifying membrane module

GDL - Gas Diffusion Layer

Components for on-board secondary battery

Sealing plate for capacitor

Magnetic rubber

Electrically-conductive rubber

Insulating and lubricating coating

Electrically-conductive fluoric grease

Coating agent

FPC for automotive

-Installed in Daimler, Volkswagen (via Tier 1) -Realizing the lightweight and free design through the reduction of wire harnesses


Single-sided FPC

Low-profile multi layer FPC

Highly heat dissipative FPC (Reference exhibit)

Heat dissipative FPC (Reference exhibit)

3D formed FPC (Reference exhibit)

Stretchable FPC

Hybrid stretchable FPC (Prototype) Sensor module for physical activity monitoring system

-Speed of acceleration, body temperature, atmosphere pressure, humidity and electrocardiogram of a driver to be measured by the FPC sensor and transferred to the monitor by way of Bluetooth. -Monitoring the condition of a driver by the FPC sensor attached on his/her body. Aims to apply the sensor to be alert or stop the engine when a driver encounters sudden sickness, which will improve one aspect of the driving safety technology.

Automotive World 2013

FPC for automotive

Installed in Daimler, Volkswagen (via Tier 1)

2012 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

TF coated oil seal

Oil seal for drivetrain

Reciprocating seal for CVT pulley

Rotary seal ring

Porous SiC mechanical seal

FPC for automotive

Installed in Daimler, Volkswagen (via Tier 1)

Integrated FPC gasket

Components for storage device

Square ring

Safety valve

Anti-vibration rubber

Sealing plate

Electrode seals

Battery unit (Concept model)

Product lineup of NOK Group used for HEV/EV

Rubber gasket for inverter

Soft metal gasket for next generation vehicles

Seal for charging connector

Magnetized encoders

Insulating and lubricating coating

Tokyo Motor Show 2011

Hybrid Electric Vehicle / Electric Vehicle components

Connector packings

Metallic bellows type accumulator for EBS

Oil seal for motor

Sealing plate

Safety valve

Square ring

Rubber gasket for inverter assembly

Grommets for inverter assembly

Soft metal gasket for inverter assembly


Magnetized encoders

FPC seal

Product lineup of FPC & FPC seal

FPC for electric door

JSAE 2011

Capacitor products
-Capacitor (Concept model)
-Sealing plate
Image   Image  
-Rings -Safety valves
Image   Image  

Automotive battery products
-Battery unit (Concept model)  -Battery cell (Concept model)
Image   Image  
-Gasket -Electrode seals
Image   Image  
-FPC for voltage monitoring circuits
-Anti-vibration rubber
Image   Image  

FPC for next generation eco vehicles

-Metal base FPC

-FPC for side turning lamps
(Door mirror-integrated type)
Image   Image  

FPC seal products for automotive electronics
-Injection pump
-FPC gasket for injection pump
Image   Image  
-ECU (Concept model)
-FPC gasket for ECU
Image   Image  

Low friction Oil seal, O-rings, etc.
-Low friction oil seal
-O-rings for biofuel vehicles
Image   Image  
-O-rings (SP treatment)
-Rubber gasket for inverters
Image   Image  
-Grommets -Connector packings
Image   Image  

Kluber lubrication products
-Silencer grease Klubersynth RA 44 series
-Electric contact grease NOXLUB KF 0320
Image   Image  

JSAE 2010

Oil seal Low temperature, low torque grease
image   image  
O-ring for bio fuel O-ring with SP treatment (low adhesion and low friction)
image   image  
Seal ring Seal ring for CVT pulley
image   image  
Variable nozzle actuator Lead valve for EGR
image   image  
Shield rubber to seal and shield Components for EV battery accumulator
image image image  
High temperature resistance FPC

JSAE 2008

Eco-friendly and Next-generation Products on Display
Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) for automotive lighting devices
The circuit board and wiring are  integrated, making 3D wiring possible to meet design.  Image
(Applied to rear combination lamp)

(Applied to side-turn signal lamp)
(Applied to daytime running lamp)
Electromagnetic Shield Rubber EM guard (R)  
Functions of sealing and electromagnetic shielding are integrated to reduce the number of components. Image  
Sealing part integrated with FPC for use in the engine compartment (under development)     
An FPC having heat resistance and shielding performance is integrated with a sealing part for preventing dust and water. Image  
Cap plate for condenser and capacitor     
Sealing cap plates and valves are integrated to secure excellent sealing performance, also increasing safety by adding rubber release valve. Image  

JSAE 2007

Oil Seal Bellows for Piezo Injector

-Key component of the Piezo Injector in the common rail system for the diesel engine
-Featuring technology to integrally form bellows and case for high durability
Image1 (Parallel type)
(Plain type)
Image1 (Bellows)
(Formed bellows)
Image3 (Formed bellows applications)
Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC ) for Automotive Use

FPCs have been used in various parts of a vehicle for more than 10 years.

Image1 (Injector pump)
(Position control sensor)
Image3 (Yaw rate sensor )
(Switches on instrument panel)
Image5 (Pressure sensor)
(Auto cruise switch)
Image7 (Car navigation)
(Steering switch)
Cell Seal Low Friction Coating for O-ring
Image (Seal integrated with metallic plate)   Image  
Heat Resistance (up to 150 degrees C) Flexible Printed Circuit Board In-vehicle Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC)
Developed for use in AT valve body with combined mechanical and electric/electronic  technologies Over 100 compact size FPCs are used in the vehicle. 
Image (FPC for AT valve body))   Image (Micro-thin FPC in gyro sensor)  
Kluber Special Lubricants    

JSAE 2006

-Next Generation Engine Intake and Exhaust System Applications
-New engine intake and exhaust system has been developed by adopting existing devices such as turbo actuators and reed valves for EGR system.

-Reed Valve for EGR System: It is possible to flow exhaust gases only in one direction from the exhaust side to the intake side, reducing  NOx emissions substantially
-Variable Nozzle Actuator: The angle of a nozzle vane of a variable wing turbocharger can be controlled.
-Waste Gate Actuator: This actuator controls opening and closing of a waste gate valve so that turbo pressure of a turbocharger may not rise to a dangerous level. 
-Chromium-free Material for Cylinder Head Gaskets (Photo)
-Chrome-free materials have been developed to meet EU regulations.
-Either pre-coating or screen coating is applicable depending on the customer's needs.
-New FKM O-rings(Photo)
-Entirely new fluorocarbon rubber O-rings that have higher low temperature resistance than previous fluorocarbon rubber materials, which can withstand up to nearly minus 50 degrees Celsius. Products are under development for delivery.
-Excellent low temperature resistance.
-Oil Seal(Photo)
-Low friction by small X-section (Cross section) seal lip
-Compact design (6X6mm) compared with conventional seals
-Seal Ring for AT & CVT Rotation(Photo)
-A T-shaped surface of the seal ring cross section has reduced pushing load against the opposite surface, and a special step cut pattern has reduced leaking amount. Both stable low leakage and low torque have been achieved.