Aisin Group (China) FY2006

Business Highlights

<Highlights by segment>
Brake systems
- In April 2006, Fengsheng (Fuzhou) Brake Co., Ltd. started commercial production. Hosei Brake Industry Co., Ltd. and Goshen Industries, Inc. of Taiwan  jointly established Fengsheng (Fuzhou) Brake Co., Ltd. in September, 2004. The joint venture will supply brake parts such as rear parking brakes for use in the Camry made at Guangzhou Toyota. Its monthly production capacity is expected to reach 59,000 sets in 2009.

- In May 2006, ADVICS Guangzhou Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. will begin manufacturing brake systems for the Camry, which Guangzhou Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. will begin producing. The Guangzhou facility was jointly established by ADVICS and Toyota Tsusho in November, 2004. ADVICS Guangzhou will manufacture corner modules consisting of disc brakes and drum brakes. The Guangzhou facility, which has never supplied modular products, intends to establish an efficient production structure by synchronizing the production of modules with the production of the Camrys. Advics Guangzhou plans to purchase components used in brakes from an Aisin Group company in China and use master cylinders and ABS control units made in Japan. Its aim is to generate sales of 500 million yuan in 2010. (From an article in the Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun on Feb. 10, 2006)

Aluminum die casting and cast iron products
- In October 2006, Tangshan Aisin Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aisin Seiki, started commercial production in Tangshan. Tangshan Aisin Automotive Parts was established in March, 2005. It supplies engines and aluminum die-casting products for automatic transmissions products to Tianjin Toyota Engine, FAW Toyota (Changchun) Engine, Tianjin AW Automatic Transmission Co., Ltd., and other companies. 

Body parts
- In April 2006, Fengai (Guangzhou) Automotive Seat Parts Co., Ltd. started commercial operations. Fengai (Guangzhou) Automotive Seat Parts was established jointly by Aisin Seiki, Araco (which was later acquired by Toyota Boshoku), and Toyota Boshoku in September, 2004. It manufactures seat frames and functional seat components, supplying them to Guangzhou Intex Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

- In April 2006, Aisin Seiki Foshan Body Parts Co., Ltd. started commercial production. Aisin Seiki Foshan Body Parts was established jointly by Aisin Seiki; Elite Sewing Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Aisin Seiki's Taiwaniese subsidiary; and Hsin Chong Machinery Works, a Taiwan-based company, in December, 2004. The new joint-venture company produces electric sunroofs and motor housings used in power seats for Guangzhou Toyota and Fengai (Guangzhou) Automotive Seat Parts Co., Ltd.