Valeo Group (China) FY 2010

Business Highlights

Business Overview for FY2010

-In 2010, most of subsidiaries in china won orders for the following business area, which reflects the success of the Group’s strategy for its two growth lines, which are: selling innovative products which reduce CO2 emissions and expanding in emerging countries.(From the Company's  2010 annual report) 

<Transmission Division>

-Transmission Systems posted much improved sales in 2010, in particular in China.The Company won orders for torque converters for use with 6-speed variable automatic transmissions, dual mass flywheels. Production is underway at plant in Nanjing in China.(From the Company's  2010 annual report)


<Electrical Systems Division>

-The Group won various orders in China from local automakers, which have reinforced the position of the Powertrain Systems Business Group in this burgeoning market.

<Electrical Powertrain>

-Valeo and BAIC (Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation) presented to the Beijing Governor an electric demo car equipped with a complete Valeo electric powertrain system. By using a synchronous permanent magnet motor, Valeo's electric powertrain is able to deliver both good acceleration at low and medium speeds and a high top vehicle speed all with a single gear transmission. Developed by Valeo and its partners Leroy Somer and GKN, this system includes an electric motor, an inverter, a transmission, a charger, a supervisor and a DC/DC converter. The partnership between Valeo and BAIC started in early 2010 with the intent to bring an electric vehicle to series production in 2011. (From a press release on December 20, 2010)

<Thermal System>

-A significant part of the Group's orders were gained in the emerging countries, mainly in China. Climate control systems won a record number of orders in 2010, thanks to significant sales successes with various automakers such as General Motors, Subaru and Chery.(From the Company's  2010 annual report


Specialist development centers

-At the end of 2010, Valeo had four specialist development centers – “Group Technical Service Centers” serving the entire Group: two of them are  in China. One is  on the Wuhan site for mechanical design and simulation dedicated to lighting and the other is on the Shenzen site for electronic circuit design. The headcount for these activities doubled in 2010.(From the Company's 2010 annual report)

R&D facilities

Name of facility Operating segment City  Overview
Shanghai Technical Centre Valeo Climate Control Systems China Technical Center Climate Control Shanghai - Providing technical support to its Chinese manufacturers, to which it supplies its products based on an OEM agreement.
- Providing technical support in Asia and emerging markets.
Valeo Engine Cooling Systems China Technical Center Engine Cooling
Valeo Wipers Systems Asia Technical Center Wipers Systems
Valeo Lighting Systems China Technical Center Lighting Systems Wuhan, Hubei - Developing lighting system for the Chinese and the global markets
Valeo Shenzhen Electrical Technical Centre Interior Control Shenzhen, Guangdong - Research and development of interior control products

Investment Activities

Investment in China

-Valeo SA announced that it is planning to invest approximately 400 million to 500 million euros in China alone by 2015. The company is also aiming to double its sales in the country by 2013, from the 460 million euros it earned in 2009, to 920 million euros.

-In 2010, The Group invested heavily in additional capacity in the Powertrain Systems Business Group to develop its torque converter businesses in China and to develop micro-hybrid systems development. (From the Company's 2010 annual report) 

-Valeo S.A. announced that it has inaugurated two new sites in China: an Electronics Expertise Center in Shenzhen, Guangdong province and a wiper systems production plant in Wenling, Zhejiang province, China. The new Electronics Expertise Center, located within Valeo's Shenzhen production plant, will develop electronic components for electric vehicles. The new Wenling production plant of 15,600 square meters will replace the former plant. (From a press release on April 1, 2011)

<Recent investment projects>

  Project Progress
1. Constructing a facility to manufacture torque converters at Valeo Automotive Transmissions Systems (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. Mass production began in March 2008
2. Constructing a facility to manufacture engine cooling modules at Guangzhou Valeo Engine Cooling Co., Ltd. Mass production began in April 2008