ASIMCO Technologies Limited - FY2007

Business Highlights

Supply Contract
- In July 2007, the Company won a new contract to supply engine components such as cam shafts, cylinder blocks, and cylinder heads to the Fiat Group's subsidiary, which is making powertrain systems. This business is worth 9.3 million euros per year. 

Investment Activities

-Major investment  projects (as of Dec. 2007)
Investment projects Investment amount (planned) Details Progress/Remarks
Constructing a new facility at Asimco Nanyue (Hengyang) Co., Ltd., the Company's subsidiary in Baishazhou Industrial Park, Hengyang City, in order to manufacture electronic control fuel injection pumps. 

400 million yuan

<Phase One>
Building a new facility to make electronic control single-unit pumps, which are compliant with Euro lll emissions standards. The Company is ready to spend some 200 million yuan by the end of 2008 on this project, targeting an annual production capacity of 60,000 sets. 

<Phase Two>
The Company is aiming to increase its capacity to 300,000 sets by the end of 2010 by making an investment of another 200 million yuan.   

The Company is in the progress of working on Phase One of the project