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Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2015

Power seat motors

Power seat motor

Seat belt preloaded drive motors

Touchscreen haptic feedback actuators

Four-wheel drive motors

Electric power steering system motors

Electronic parking brake motors

Electronic stability control motors

Lumbar support regulating motor platforms

Windshield washing pumps

Electronic throttle control motors

Electronic throttle motors, fuel pump armatures

Automated manual transmission motors

Brushless DC motor pumps for dual clutch transmissions

Coolant valve actuators

Car grille actuators

Adaptive front-light adjustment actuators

Automotive air conditioning actuators

Brushless motors for cooling fan module, engine cooling fan modules

Window drive motors

China Auto Parts And Service Show 2014

Engine air management motor platforms

Fuel pump armature and motor platforms

Engine cooling fan modules

Battery cooling fan modules

Cooling valve actuators

Car grille actuators

Compartment temperature control actuators

Adaptive front lighting system actuators

Compact pump for multicontour

Windshield washing pumps

Lumbar support regulating motor platforms

Seat belt preloaded drive motor platforms

Double clutch transmission brushless DC motors

Automated manual transmission drive motors

Parking brake motor platforms

Compact drives for electric tail gate pillars

Window drive motor platforms

Electric power steering system platforms

Steering wheel lock motor platforms

Oil pump armature platforms

China International Auto Products Expo 2013

EGR motor

Engine intake and exhaust management motor platform

Armature pump steering, armature pump motor

Electronic throttle motor

Parking brake motor

Electronic stability control motor

Brushless motor for Dual Clutch Transmission

Automated manual transmission motor

Sunroof drive motor

Car door lock motor

Seat adjustment motor

Seat belt motor

Lumbar adjustment motor

Engine cooling fan

Brushless DC cooling fan

Car grills actuator

Cooling valve actuators

Car temperature controller actuator

Headlight adjuster actuator

Locking motors

Windshield washer pump

Steering wheel lock motor

EPS motor

Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2013

Engine cooling fan modules with brushless DC motor

Brushless motor for cooling fan module

Brushless DC motor cooling fan module

Cooling valves actuator

Car grille actuator

Car temperature actuator

AFS actuator

Motor for locks

Windshield washer pump

EPS motor

Seat adjustment motors

Seat belts extender/pretensioner drive motor

Power seat adjuster

Seat adjuster

Sun roof motor

Long life fuel pump armature

Parking brake motor

AMT motor

FISITA 2012 World automotive congress(Beijing)

Automotive grill shutter Coolant valve actuator
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Battery cooling fan module Engine cooling fan module
Image   Image  
Electronic stability control motors Window lift drive 
Image Image

Sunroof drive Compact lite™ sunroof drive
Image   Image  

2012 China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition

Actuators for automotive grill shutter Coolant & Refrigerant valve actuators
Image   Image  

Compact lite drive for automotive sunroofs

2012 Beijing International Automotive

Compact window lift motor Standard enhanced window lift motor
 Image    Image  
Window lift motor for trucks EGR motor
 Image    Image
Air pump motor Fuel pump armatures and motors
 Image    Image

Engine air management motors Door lock motors
 Image    Image  
Electric stability control system(ESC) motor ABS motor 
 Image    Image  
AMT Motor Dual clutch transmission motors
 Image    Image  
DC cooling fans Brushless DC cooling fans
 Image    Image  


2011 China International Auto Parts Expo (CIAPE)

Window lift motor  Sunroof motor

Image   Image  

Headlamp adjuster actuator

Rear lamp adjuster actuator

Image   Image  

DC motor for Cooling fan module

Brushless DC motor for Cooling fan module

Image   Image  
AMT motor Dual clutch transmission brushless DC motor

Image   Image  
Door lock motor Power closure systems motor

Image   Image  
Steering wheel lock motor

Seat adjuster motor Switch motor

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2011 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (AUTO Shanghai)

Head lamp actuator

Motor for ABS





Brushless DC motor
for double clutches transmission

Motor for locks


Image   Image  


Compact DC motor for sun roof Standard DC motor  for window
Image   Image  


Fuel  saving  cooling fan module Standard cooling fan module






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Cooling fan module
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