Guangzhou Automobile Group Component Co., Ltd. - FY 2008

Business Highlights

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Interior Trims
Joint venture with Johnson Controls
In November 2008, the Company and Johnson Controls Inc. of the U.S. established Guangzhou GACC-Johnson Controls Automotive Interior Systems Co., Ltd., a joint-venture company to produce interior components such as instrument panels and console boxes. Production is scheduled to begin in June 2010. From 2010, the joint-venture company will expand its operations for the purpose of designing, developing, and producing interior and module products more efficiently for its customers in the Huanan Area.

Body & Exterior Parts

Joint-venture with Ogihara
In December 2008, the Company and Ogihara Corporation jointly established Guangzhou GACC Ogihara Dies Co., Ltd. The new company, which obtained an official operating license in February 2009, aims to begin production in late 2010. This is the first time for the Company to create a joint-venture company in which it owns a majority rights. (From a press release, March 12, 2009)