Key Safety Systems, Inc. Business Report up until FY ended June 30, 2010

Business Highlights

Recent Years


-The Company and a Brazilian company Chris Cintos de Seguranca Ltda. (CHRIS) signed a MOU for a strategic alliance to provide airbags and seat belts, steering wheels and automotive safety systems in Brazil and throughout South America. CHRIS is the largest seat belt manufacturer in Brazil, with more than 50% market share. (From a press release on May 4, 2009)


-In June 2010, Yanfeng Key (Shanghai) Automotive Safety Systems Co., Ltd. (YFKSS) in China has won the Innovation Award from Shanghai GM. YFKSS is a joint venture between the Company and China's Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Trim Systems. (From a press release on June 11, 2010)

-In May 2010, KSS-Abhishek Safety Systems Pvt., Ltd. (KSSA) received the 2009-2010 Maruti Suzuki Vendor Performance Award for the second consecutive year. KSSA is a joint venture between the Company and Abhishek Auto Industries Ltd. of India. The Company supplies products such as inflators, airbags, seat belts and steering wheels. (From a press release on May 25, 2010)

-In March 2010, the Company has been recognized by Toyota Motors Europe NV/SA with Achievement Award in Cost Management. (From a press release on March 30, 2010)

-In July 2009, KSS-Abhishek Safety Systems Pvt., Ltd. (KSS-Abhishek), a joint venture between the Company and Abhishek Auto Industries Ltd of India, received the 2008-2009 Maruti-Suzuki Vendor Performance Award. This award recognized the quality and performance of seat belts supplied to several vehicles including the Alto and Swift. (From a press release on Jul 28, 2009)

-In June 2009, the Company received the Volkswagen Group Award 2009. This award was presented to the Company and 17 other suppliers. The Company supplies airbags, seat belts, and steering wheels for more than 30 Volkswagen Group vehicles. (From a press release on Jun 26, 2009)


-In Apr. 2010, Ford announced that it is adding 13 new companies to its Aligned Business Framework (ABF), bringing the total to 90 members. The new ABF suppliers are: the Compant; Akebono; Automotive Lighting; Benteler; Brembo; Federal Mogul; Gentex; GKN; Hayes Lemmerz; Michelin; Ronal GmbH; Samvardhana Motherson Reflectec; Takata. Ford created ABF in 2005 to strengthen its collaboration with key suppliers. (From a Ford press release on April 23, 2010)


R&D Structure

Name Location
Global Technical Center Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA
Raunheim, Germany
Shanghai, China
Yokohama, Japan
Inflator Technical Center Lakeland, Florida, USA

Product Development

New Type Seat Belt
-Together with Ford, the Company has developed a new type automotive seat belt. The product - the first-ever inflatable seat belt - is a fusion of airbag and seat belt technology to provide additional protection for rear-seat occupants, often children and older passengers. After receiving a signal from the vehicle crash sensing system, the Cold Gas Inflator fills the seat belt with cold gas. The fully inflated belt is approximately five times wider than a standard seat belt which reduces injury by distributing crash force energy across more of the occupant's body. Ford will introduce inflatable rear seat belts on the next-generation Ford Explorer, which goes into production next year for the North American market. Over time, Ford plans to offer the technology in vehicles globally. (From a press release on November 10, 2009)

Rear Impact Air Bag Protection System
-Rear impact air bag protection system, developed by BSRS (a joint venture with Siemens) consists of an unfurled air bag in the seat back structure with a deployable head restraint section. The system is designed to reduce injury by preventing the lateral movement of an occupant's body along the seat back, which causes stress on the torso, neck, and head.
The BSRS rear impact airbag is deployable through tear away seams located on the seat back and headrest structures designed to support these areas. The inflator for this entire safety system is located away from the occupant near the base of the seating structure.

Tailorable Occupant Protection System
-A vehicle equipped with the BSRS Tailorable Occupant Protection System (TOPS:tm) will illustrate the system's ability to "tailor'' airbag and seat belt performance based on individual crash characteristics such as occupant weight, position, seat belt status, seat position and crash severity.

Remote Firing System
-Remote firing system is a new safety restraint control system introduced by BSRS that streamlines electronic controls by moving power circuits and capacitors from the electronic control unit (ECU) to the igniter.

Adaptive Airbag
-The Company has developed an adaptive airbag which is tailored to the occupant's size and the vehicle crash scenario. The sensing system and new inflator technology enable the adaptive airbag to control the cushion pressure for optimized restraint function during a vehicle crash event. The adaptive airbag was launched on multiple 2008 vehicle platforms by a European carmaker. (From a press release on Aug 4, 2008)

Investment Activities

Investment Outside USA

-In 2010, the Company will expand the production capabilities of airbag inflators at its subsidiary, Key (Huzhou) Safety Systems Co., Ltd, in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. The plant went into production in June 2009 and has an annual capacity of 1 million inflators for driver and passenger airbags. New lines will be added for side and curtain airbag inflators with an investment of 7.5 million USD (51 million yuan) to be implemented by the end of 2010. Further expansion is planned over the next four years, bringing annual capacity up to between ten and twelve million inflators. Total investment is due to be more than 25 million USD (170.6 million yuan). (From a press release on April 17, 2010)

-In Mar. 2006, the Company announced the grand opening of its Asia technology and manufacturing center in Shanghai, China. The center is part of its joint venture with Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Trim Systems Company, Ltd. Located Southeast of Shanghai in the Pudong region, the partnership is called Yanfeng Key Automotive Safety Systems Company, Ltd. Since the joint venture's inception in June 2004, the Company has received multiple new business awards that will be managed at the new technology and manufacturing center. The manufacturing center has production plans to make over 5 million airbag modules per year, over 2 million seat belt assemblies per year, and over 2 million steering wheels per year. (From a press release by the company on Mar .8, 2006)

-In April 2010, the Company announced the completion of building a new plant in Arad, Romania. This location represents the Company's third and largest manufacturing facility in Romania. The production will commence in 2010. (From a press release on April 22, 2010)