Sanluis Business Report FY2007 (FY ended Dec. 2007)

Business Highlights

Financial overview

(in million USD) FY2007 FY2006 Rate of change(%) Factors
Sales 717.6 614.9 16.7 -
Sales by business units
Suspension business 596 517 15 See note 1) below.
Brake business 122 98 24 See note 2) below.

(1) Suspension business
<North America>
-The Company launched 7 leaf and coil spring Programs for 6 customers totaling 41.5 million US dollars in sales. Additionally, it was awarded leaf and coil spring contracts or letters of intent for 6 customers platforms totaling 103 million US dollars on an annualized basis; of which 19 million US dollars was new business.

-The Company marked the highest figures in sales with total revenues of 163 million US dollars, 26% over FY2006. This is the result of Rassini - NHK Autopecas (RNA) market leadership, the increase in the demand, the additional availability of consumer credit, as well as the strengthening of the Brazilian currency against US dollar.
-Also during FY2007, RNA was awarded the supply of coil springs for two new car platforms starting in 2009 and 2011. This represents an additional volume of 700,000 coil springs per year at full production.
-After completing the first phase of an expansion of its leaf spring production lines, the Company initiated the exports to Europe of air links for pneumatic suspensions.

(2) Brake business

-FY2007 was a year of consolidation with a 24% rise in its sales compared with the previous year, closing at 122 million US dollars. This was possible, mainly, thanks to the launch of 13 new platforms, including Cross Over Vehicles (CUVs), a market segment with the highest growth rate in the Unites States.
-The Company machined 5.2 million discs and rotors, reflecting a 44% increase over FY2006, due to the new platform launches.


R&D Structure
-Working closely with its Product Development laboratories in Mexico and Brazil , the Plymouth Office provides directional leadership for new technologies and technical initiatives.

Product Developments
-In 2007, the Company continued strengthening its R&D activities through the formation of a technical team dedicated to the launch of the SDI projects (trade named as the Quadratech). This project came to the Phase II, gaining acceptance of one OEM to build and test a series of light trucks based on this new technological development.

-The Company developed a new metal mix for two platforms, whose properties provide a high damping factor coefficient, reducing noise problems in the brake system. Additionally, the Company developed other metals with high-tension resistance to guarantee a neutral frequency, which improves the brake system response.