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2015 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Product lineup

Various tube plating treatments

Brake and fuel tube assembly

CoilFin tube

EGR tube

Tube with teflon hose

Aftertreatment hydrocarbon injection tube

High pressure hydrogen tube for fuel cells

High pressure fuel injection tube for diesel engines

HI-ZINIC Zinc-Nickel plating

High pressure stainless steel pipe for gasoline direct injection

High pressure steel pipe for gasoline direct injection

Plastic rail

Fuel rail for gasoline port fuel injection

Push rods

Fuel cooler

Fan assembly (externally controlled fan drive) and engine mount shroud

2015 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Externally Controlled Fan Drive (ECFD)

Installed vehicle: Ford's compact SUV Heavy trucks in Japan (2014-)

Fan Assembly

Fuel Injection Tube for Common Rail Diesel

High-Pressure Tube for Gasoline DI

Stainless Steel HP Pipe for Gasoline DI

Fuel Rail with Integrated Damping Effect

BreFin Tube

CoilFin Tube

Brake and Fuel Tube Assembly

High-Pressure Hydrogen Tube for Fuel Cell

EGR Tube

Tube Surface Treatment

Fuel Cooler

USUI Product Lineup

USUI Global Network

2014 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition in NAGOYA

Fuel rail

Fuel injection tube for high pressure system

High pressure fuel tubes for gasoline direct injection

Externally controlled fan drive

-A fan drive with the rotation speed controlled via electrical signal externally fed to solenoid valve. Installed vehicle: SUV and pick up trucks in North Americal market.

Coilfin tube

Tube with teflon hose

Fuel cooler

EGR tube

2014 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Fuel rail with integrated damping effect

Fuel injection tube for high pressure injection system

Externally controlled fan drive

High pressure fuel tubes for gasoline direct injection

JSAE 2006

-Fuel Cooler
-Due to a  thin-type and compact size, this fuel cooler can be installed on a one-ton pickup with a limited space.
-It is installed on the Isuzu "D-MAX" in Thailand and produced locally.
<Line up>
Compact type (Steel and aluminum), Fin-tube type (Steel) and Extended tube type. (ULLT)

-ECFD: Externally Controlled Fan Drive <Filing for patent>
-A valve is opened or closed by the magnetic coil in accordance with signals from the external control unit (ECU) to control freely the number of a fan rotation.
-Electrical control of a valve can provide a more speedy response than a conventional bimetal coupling,
-Optimal control of a valve improves fuel consumption, acceleration and noise level.
-Delivered to a Ford SUV.

-UFRID: Fuel Rail with Damping Effect <Filing for patent>
-Noise reduction in the cabin; Fuel pressure pulsation is reduced and abnormal pulsation noise coming out of fuel tubes can be controlled..
-Cost and weight reduction; Other noise absorbing devices such as pulsation dampers and fuel tube damper clippers can be eliminated.
-Stabilized air-fuel ratio; Improvement in air-fuel performance is expected because fuel pressure pulsation can be reduced in main tubes. 
Types Noise in the cabin Fuel pressure variance
Conventional type 44dB 57kPa
Conventional type with pulsation dampers 38dB 14kPa
New development 38dB 13kPa
Effect in comparison with conventional types Reduced 6dB Reduced 77%
*Test vehicle; 4-cyliner 1,000 cc engine
 Test condition; During idling

-USIT-SP( High Pressure Fuel Injection Tube <Filing for patent>
-Fuel injection tube suitable for a high pressure diesel engine, especially with a common rail system.
-Single layered steel tube made of high tensile steel equivalent to EN E355.
-Used by major domestic truck manufacturers.

EUSIT-SP VS1A (Designed for inner pressure below 160 MPa):
-This tube has an excellent cleaning performance in the inner pipe surface capable of eliminating a foreign metal particle under 150m.

EUSIT-SP VS1H (Designed for inner pressure of 160MPa and 180MP):
-This tube uses higher tensile steel than the current USIT-SP VS1A, increasing inner pressure fatigue strength.
EUSIT-USP VS1H (Designed for inner pressure 180MPa and,200MPa):
-Application of special treatment to the inner surface has increased inner fatigue strength. (At the preparing stage for production)

Frankfurt Motor Show 2005

<High Pressure Fuel Injection Tube (USIT-SP)>
-Single layered steel tube, made of high tensile steel, equivalent to DIN, St52
-Inner fissure depth is 10μm or less
-Superior in inner tube cleanness; foreign metal particle (which affect injection system components such as injector) size 150μm or less
   Ford, Renault, BMW, Toyota, DaimlerChrysler, VW, Audi, Denso, Delphi
Second Generation Products for Common Rail System;
-USIT-SP VS1H(160MPa,180MPa);  Further high tension materials,  Tensile strength 600MPa
-USIT-USP VS1H(180MPa,200MPa);
<Fuel Rail with Damping Effect (UFRID)>
-Reduces the fuel pressure pulsation, to prevent the pulsation-induced acoustic noise
-Enables to eliminate other noise suppression parts (pulsation damper, damping clip)
-Enables to reduce the fuel pressure pulsation in the rail itself, thus air-fuel ratio will be improved.
Nissan, Mitsubishi, Suzuki (Subaru, GM as customers for next generation products)
<Externally Controlled Fan Drive(ECFD)>
-Can vary fan speed via electronic control unit to meet vehicle-cooling requirement
-Quick response with electronic control
-Can improve fuel consumption, acceleration, and fan noise, by optimizing fan speed.
-Simple structure, to provide higher reliability and cost/performance

Supplied models;
Ford Explorer, 2006(350,000 units per year) Ford Expedition 2007(1,150,000 units per year)
<Eddy Current Magnetic Fan Drive (EMFD) >
-Maintenance free as well as high reliability, by utilizing permanent magnets.
-Excellent soft-start with eddy current magnet coupling
-High response speed with electro-magnetic clutch
-Negligible overshoot in engine speed change, to improve fuel consumption, acceleration response, and silence.
-Negligible fan speed at off level, to provide excellent energy-save feature.