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Tokyo Motor Show 2013

Gas injector

-Manufactured in India. -KN9 type will be supplied to GM. -Daimler "E-Class" is equipped with the Company's gas injectors. -Applicable to CNG and LPG.

Oil trap filter

-The filter traps the compressor oil carryover and prevents it from entering the injector and reaching the exhaust catalyst

2nd ECU

Direct injection fuel injector

Installed vehicle: Honda "Accord", "Fit"

Electronic Control Unit

Installed vehicle: Honda "Fit" -Integrated control of engine and CVT -Iin design improves heat-dissipation efficiency -ECUs for direct injection engines are produced at Keihin Aircon North America, Inc. (North Carolina, U.S.A.)

Injector (Port-injection)

Installed vehicle: Honda "Accord"

HVAC unit

Installed vehicle: Honda "Accord", "Fit HV"


Ambient sensor

Triple Header condenser

Installed vehicle: Honda "Civic", "CR-V" -Manufactured by Keihin Thermal Technology Czech, s.r.o. in Czech Republic.

Heater core


EMS - Engine Management System

EMS - Engine Management System

Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2011

Injector compatible with Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV)

Intake manifold

Drive by wire throttle body

Spool valve

Linear solenoid valve for CVT

Electronic control unit

SRS unit

SRS sensor




Heater core

Gas injector/Fuel pipe assembly

2nd ECU

Oil trap filter

Gas pressure regulator

Motor/Battery ECU for Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

Installed vehicles: Honda "US Accord"

Tokyo Motor Show 2009

- Automobile HEV System Product - Motor & Battery ECU

- Automobile HEV System Product - FI-ECU (Fuel Injection Engine Control Unit)

- Fuel Cell EV System Product - Fuel cell power control ECU

- Fuel Cell EV System Product - Motor control ECU

- Fuel Cell EV System Product - Server ECU

- Fuel Cell EV System Product - Voltage control ECU

- Fuel Cell EV System Product - Purge valve

- Fuel Cell EV System Product - Ejector

- Fuel Cell EV System Product - Regulator

- Automobile Fuel Supply System Product - Drive-by-wire throttle body

- Automobile Fuel Supply System Product - Spool valve

- Automobile Air Conditioning System Product - Power saving HVAC

- Automobile Air Conditioning System Product - Blower power module ECU

- Safety System Product - Pop-up hood system for automobile

- Automobile FFV & CNG System Product -

Tokyo Motor Show 2005

-Products for the New Civic-
Plastic intake manifold (cut model for display)
-Air is efficiently filled up into engine cylinders by use of intake inertia. Intake cylinder length is electronically adjusted to produce high torque at every stage of engine revolutions.  
-EGR gases are mixed with fresh air to reduce Nox emissions and recover PCV volatile gases
Adaptable for emission: Nox abatement by mixing EGR gas with new air. PCV volatile gas recovery.

Drive by wire throttle body [Reference exhibit]
-In contrast to a conventional direct throttle valve control type by mechanical wiring, the electronic control system is capable of making a lot of adjustment controls to achieve low fuel consumption, greater driving comfort and safe control. 

-Electronic Control System for Hybrid Vehicles-[Reference exhibit]
FI-ECU for Hybrid
Intelligent 3-stage I -VTEC engine control system controls valves under three conditions of the  engine operation, slow, high revolution and stall. 

BATT-ECU for Hybrid
-The system can detect extremely small changes in voltage of a tiny nickel hydrogen battery and monitor the battery condition. 

PDU for Hybrid
It controls motor driven electric current in accordance with torque command by electronical communication with FI-ECU and other devices.
-Smaller size, lighter weight and lower costs have been achieved by integrating the control board with power modules.

- Active control mount actuator-
ECU for Active Control Mount (ACM)

Solenoid model (For active control mount) (cut model for display)
-Transmission of engine vibration to the body is controlled by ACM. Transmission of vibration to the steering and noise to the cabin is also reduced.

-Automotive CNG system-[Reference exhibit]
Pressure regulator for automobiles CNG system
-This valve reduces high pressure natural gas to a certain level and supplies to the injector at the optimal pressure.
-Stable supply serves to reduce the hazardous waste to the minimum and also enables the system to function even under the ultra low temperatures.

Injector for automobiles CNG system

-This injector has been developed exclusively for NGVs (Natural Gas Vehicles))
-Adoption of exclusive rubber sheets provides a stable fuel injection and contributes to extension of driving (extended fuel consumption) and reduction in emissions.

Injecter driver for automobile CNG system

-This system is applicable to dual fuel type vehicles. ECU has two injector drivers for gasoline and CNG, and switching between the two systems is possible by ECU.
-It also has functions of preventing fixing of the injector sheet and diagnosis.
-It can respond up to a 6-cyliner engine
-The driver can be mounted in the engine room.