IKUYO CO., LTD. Business report FY2007

Business Highlights

Financial overview (in millions of JPY)
FY2007 FY2006 Rate of Change (%) Factors
Sales 20,464 19,503 4.9% -Total sales rose due to the greater number of orders the Company received from its customers for parts. This resulted because of strong sales at its major customers of strategic vehicles destined to the global market; as well as the Company's success in developing new customers.
Operating income 548 (66) -

-The Company became profitable again as a result of group-wide activities for reducing costs by taking drastic measures such as relocating the headquarters, streamlining and improving the efficiency of operations, and improving productivity.

Ordinary income 252 (399) -
Current net income 134 (670) -
Automotive component business
Sales 19,826 18,823 5.3% -Both sales and operating income at the automotive component business increased due to the growing volume of products the Company exported to emerging countries. This is despite decreased sales to the Company's major customers in Japan.
Operating income 428 (131) -


-R&D expenses for FY2007 were 7 million yen.

-As a measure for protecting the environment, the Company jointly developed interior- and exterior-use plastic parts with a materials manufacturer. By using these parts, the Company is able to eliminate the use of volatile organic solvents as well as eliminate the coating process. These parts were commercialized initially for residential use but the Company plans to commercialize them for automotive use too.

Introduction of technology (as of March 2008)
Partner Country Items in Contract Terms of Contract Length of Contract

Idemitsu Petrochemical Co., Ltd.


Sales and manufacture of technology to produce hollow injection molding

Patent permission

From February 14, 1995 until expiration of the patent

Investment Activities

-In FY2007, the Company made a capital investment of 1,464 million yen, mainly spent on the auto parts business.

-The total investment in the auto parts business was 1,464 million yen.
Out of the total amount, 759 million yen was invested in dies for new compact cars and RVs.

-The Company will expand its operations and improve its facilities so that it can respond to the increase in production volume by automakers in the Kanto, Chubu, and Kita-Kyushu regions of Japan. The Company has already installed large forming machines at its Atsugi and Nagoya Plants in enhancing its production facilities.