North American International Auto Show 2016: U.S. OEMs

U.S. automakers show model variety for both new and old segments



View of FCA's display called  Gears 
Crowds in Ford's exhibit
Crowds in Ford's exhibit

 The 2016 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) was held from January 11 through January 24, 2016, with the show being open to the public starting January 16. Attendance for the 2016 public show reached 815,575 visitors, the highest attendance total in 13 years.

 In preparation for this year's show, many automakers, including the Detroit Three, redesigned their displays. Approximately USD 200 million was invested on exhibits for the 2016 show, highlighting the importance of making a strong impression in Detroit. Examples of the investments could be seen in the two-story LED walls in Ford's display, circular 3-D video screens in FCA's exhibit, and numerous large screens across many other automaker displays.

 Models shown by the Detroit Three spanned across many segments, demonstrating themes of flexibility and reinforcing positions for specific markets. GM unveiled a variety of crossovers such as the Bolt EV crossover, as well as the Cruze hatchback. FCA debuted the Pacifica minivan, intending to transform the segment. Finally, Ford showcased performance, plug-in hybrid, and premium versions of the refreshed Fusion.

 This report is the first of three reports which highlight notable vehicle models displayed at the 2016 North American International Auto Show. This report will focus on vehicles showcased by U.S. OEMs, specifically GM, Ford, and FCA. A second and third report will be released at a later date featuring models developed by European and Asian automakers respectively.


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