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 The 8th Automotive World Expo was held January 13-15, 2016, at Tokyo Big Sight. The number of companies that participated increased by 145 from the previous year for a total of 781 showcasing products such as automotive parts. A series of seminars and commemorative lectures, on topics such as automobile weight reduction, electrification, engine and sensor technologies, and other others, were also held during the event. This report will summarize the future trends of internal combustion engines (ICE) based on the "Next-generation engine development: Continuous evolution" (Auto-7) seminar content.

 There is no limit to the issues for inhibiting global warming that encompass automobile ICEs.  These include, reducing car CO2 emissions;  practical utilization of high thermal efficiency diesel engines and treatment of their emissions; the issue of emissions test modes and actual driving; whether HCCI (Homogeneous-Charge Compression Ignition) is actually possible; the different approaches to hybrid vehicles and electrification in Japan, North America, and Europe; FCVs (fuel cell vehicles), which is said to be the ultimate technology; and others.

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