Volkswagen Group Diesel Emissions Crisis



This report is a reprint of a special report issued by LMC Automotive Ltd., MarkLines' strategic partner in the U.K., on September 24, 2015. LMC Automotive is the leading provider of automotive light vehicle production, sales and powertrain forecasts and automotive industry market intelligence.

  Although still in its early stages, the scandal surrounding Volkswagen Group resulting from its attempts to undermine diesel emission standards will run for some time. The industry is still in the process of piecing together an accurate description of what has taken place and, while it is too soon to draw any clear forward-looking conclusions, it is possible to highlight key areas of focus and concern in the current situation. Note that VW intends to make more information available in the coming days. The following analysis is restricted to the impact on volume and trends in the industry, with financial implications left to those in that sector.

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