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Apr 22, 2024

On April 18, Irdeto, a digital platform cybersecurity provider, partnered with Ford Trucks, to enhance the cybersecurity framework of its trucks and components in line with the latest industry standards and regulations.

Irdeto will provide Ford Trucks with a fully managed key lifecycle management service that is ISO 27001 certified, designed to meet the needs of Ford Trucks’s product lines and electronic control units (ECUs), ensuring security in connected devices, compliance with regulations, long-term resilience, lifecycle management, and customization options.

The collaboration also enables Ford Trucks to streamline its focus towards innovation, safety, and quality, by offloading the management of cryptographic keys and software signing services.

Based on Irdeto press release

Apr 22, 2024

On April 18, Ford Germany announced that its commercial vehicle division, Ford Pro, recorded record sales with 19,687 new light commercial vehicles sold during the first 3 months of 2024, representing a market share of 14.4%, the highest Since 1990.

March was the best month for the OEM, with 8,632 units sold and a market share of 16.5%, positioning Ford Pro in second place in sales of light commercial vehicles in Germany.

The new Transit and Tourneo Custom model series have been especially successful, with 4,391 new registrations in the first three months of the year.

“The most important ingredient in Ford Pro's recipe for success is, without a doubt, our fleet of commercial vehicles, which has been completely renewed over the last year and a half”, commented Claudia Vogt, director of Ford Pro for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

(Ford press release on April 18, 2024)

Apr 18, 2024

On April 17, Ford announced new Mustang versions, including the Mustang Mach-E Rally, the first ever rally-inspired EV from Ford, the ultra-high-performance Mustang GTD, and the new Mustang California Special model in Europe.

The Mustang Mach-E Rally is equipped with a dual-motor all-wheel drive electric powertrain that delivers 486ps of power and 950 Nm of torque. The vehicle also comes with a tuned suspension, that is 20 mm higher than Mustang Mach-E GT. The vehicle will be available to order from April 30, 2024.

Ford also opened order books for the new Mustang California Special model in Europe, which is offered in the Mustang GT convertible body style and with a choice of a six-speed manual or 10-speed automatic transmission for the 5.0-liter V8 engine.

Additionally, the company confirmed the most advanced Mustang, the Mustang GTD, for the European market. The vehicle features active aerodynamics and semi-active suspension and will be available to buy in limited numbers. The European applications for Mustang GTD are expected to open in the summer of 2024, with more details to be revealed later.

Based on Ford Europe press release