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Apr 23, 2024

On April 23, B–ON and Chery Group reached an agreement for a larger strategic partnership, including the formation of a joint venture (JV) and the launch of the new Pelkan electric light commercial vehicle. The focus of the JV will be to develop, produce, and sell all-electric commercial vehicles.

As part of the partnership, B–ON will contribute its network for sales, aftersales, and branding in Europe and North America as well as engineering design and product development, while Chery Commercial Vehicle will also provide engineering, in addition to access to its extensive capabilities for both supply chain support and manufacturing.

The Pelkan is revealed at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, UK. It will feature a class-leading payload of up to 1350 kg, and two battery variants of 43 and 54 kWh designed to provide extended range up to 226 and 279 km, respectively, all in a comfortable, driver-friendly package. Pelkan will be delivered to customers in mainland Europe beginning in mid-2024. 

B–ON, the leading provider of clean mobility solutions for commercial fleets, operates as a global team with major hubs in France, Switzerland, the UK, and China.

Based on B–ON press release 

Apr 23, 2024

On April 22, 2024, Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) announced that Chery is ready to enter the Thai market, after over 2 years of discussion.

Chery is preparing to sell the first electric car in Thailand in mid-2024 to test the market, while planning to set up a production base for electric cars in Thailand. 

Production (of HEVs and BEVs) is expected to begin in 2025 to serve domestic market and other (RHD) overseas markets. This project received approval for investment promotion from the BOI on April 2, 2024.

Chery will conduct business in Thailand under the company named Omoda & Jaecoo (Thailand). Omoda and Jaecoo are Chery's sub brands for marketing abroad. 

The factory will be set up in Rayong Province. In the first phase (by 2025), the plant is expected to be able to make around 50,000 units of BEV and HEV per year. In its second phase (by 2028), the production capacity will be expanded to 80,000 units per year. 

According to Chery’s plan, in the initial phase, the OMODA C5 EV will be imported to be sold in Thailand, followed by JAECOO 6 EV, JAECOO 7 PHEV, and JAECOO 8 PHEV. The company also plans to launch 39 dealers nationwide.

(From Thailand Board of Investment release dated April 22, 2024)

Apr 22, 2024

On April 19, Catalonia Trade & Investment announced that Chery, the Chinese manufacturer, officially signed a joint venture agreement with the Catalan company Ebro EV-Motors.

The companies will invest EUR 400 million at the Zona Franca (Barcelona) plant, which will be its first car plant in Europe. The companies will manufacture Omoda and Ebro vehicles at the plant.

According to the automakers, the new plant will serve as Chery’s main export hub globally, creating thousands of local job opportunities. 

The joint venture will strengthen Chery’s presence in Europe and explore the establishment of an R&D center in Barcelona for European market certifications in the future. Both companies aim to produce 150,000 vehicles in 2029.

Based on Catalonia Trade & Investment agency press release