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Mar 21, 2023

On March 17, Chery officially launched the plug-in hybrid version of the Tiggo 7 Plus compact SUV, which is available in three models, with prices ranging from CNY 149,900 to CNY 166,900.
The vehicle is equipped with a hybrid-dedicated 1.5T engine and dual permanent magnet synchronous motors, mated to a 3-speed DHT plug-in hybrid system and a 19.27kWh ternary lithium battery, with a comprehensive system power of 240kw, a comprehensive torque of 545Nm, an electric mode range of 80km under the WLTC standard, and a combined range of over 1,000km. It supports fast charging and can be charged from 30% to 80% in only 25 minutes.
The vehicle is equipped with a 24.6-inch curved immersive surround display and an AI super emotion interaction system as standard. Some models are equipped with a 540-degree transparent chassis and 18 Level 2.5 intelligent driving assistance features.
The vehicle adopts a new design language featuring a new grille in the front profile, LED headlights and sharp waistlines, presenting a youthful and energetic aura. The rear features transverse LED taillights and double-sided four-outlet exhaust pipes on both sides.
The vehicle measures 4,530 mm long, 1,862 mm wide and 1,696 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,670 mm.
From a Chery official WeChat account press release and official website press release

Mar 16, 2023

On March 13, Chery International introduced the OMODA brand in South Africa, making it the first country on the African continent to offer this new brand to motorists. The first model from OMODA, the OMODA C5, will become available in mid-April and will be sold through 30 pre-selected dealers covering all major metros and cities. OMODA C5 is built on the Chery Group’s T1X platform.
Among the many innovations inside this five-door cross-over SUV is ambient lighting with near-infinite color combinations, a clean center console with intelligent interactive switchgear and wireless charging, and dual integrated 10.25-inch screens that smoothly incorporate the vehicle and entertainment information.

Based on OMODA South Africa press release

Mar 10, 2023

On March 9, Chery announced that it is planning to introduce the Tiggo 8 PRO e+ hybrid crossover in Russia by the end of spring. Currently, cars are undergoing a wide range of tests in natural (Russian) climatic and road conditions. The testing program was developed jointly with Chery experts and specialists from the NAMI Research and Development Center. 
The total amount of road tests include a minimum of 30,000 km on country roads. The performance tests are currently 85% complete. The main objectives of testing the Chery Tiggo 8 PRO e+ hybrid crossover on Russian roads and climatic conditions are to check the quality of starting the power plant and the speed of charging capacity at low temperatures, as well as checking and testing the functionality and reliability of active safety systems (ADAS) in heavy snow, sleet, and rain.
Test engineers also measure the charging efficiency of the vehicle's electric battery from indoor and outdoor charging stations and from portable home chargers. Testing covers 80% of manufacturers of charging stations present in the Russian Federation.

Based on Chery Russia press release