Model Launch Schedules Guide

Chart Explanation


Operation guide

The below functions are available in the Launch Schedule table that includes model, chart and notes.

  1. Sorting of model order
  2. Past model cycles
  3. Print mode
  4. Saving images
  5. Show/hide discontinued models
  6. Copying information in the "Notes" section


Sorting of model order

  • Drag and drop the vehicle name up or down to change model order.
  • Clicking on "reset order" will return the models to their original order.


Past model cycles

  • Dragging the chart to the left reveals past charts.


Print mode

  • When you click "Print", print mode will be displayed with a printable layout showing all charts.
  • In print mode, setting the page layout to landscape via the browser's print function allows you to print several models on a single page.
  • It is possible to print without entering print mode.


Saving images

  • Clicking "Save as image" allows you to download a .png file.


Show/hide discontinued models

  • Clicking on "Show/hide discontinued models" will display or hide discontinued models.


Copying information in the "Notes" section

  • Double clicking on a model's "Notes" section will copy the model name and respective notes to the clipboard.