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Sep 12, 2022

On September 9, multiple sources reported that the industrial activity of the two production systems at the Stellantis’ Vigo plant was impacted on September 10 and on the night shift of September 11, due to the lack of supply of parts.
Stellantis plant in Figueruelas (Zaragoza) announced new cancellations in production starting from the night shift on September 11 due to the lack of components. The stoppage will extend to the two production lines in the three shifts (morning, afternoon and night) on 12, in the afternoon on 16 and the weekend (Friday night and Saturday morning) scheduled for September 10, 16 and 17.

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Sep 09, 2022

On September 8, Stellantis announced that it had launched a new phase for renewable energies at the Zaragoza plant, which involves the installation of new photovoltaic modules and wind turbines. The new facility, located in the southern area of the plant, involves 15,600 new photovoltaic modules and covers an area of 76,000 square meters, with an installed capacity of 8.01 MW.
These figures, added to those of the first phase, represent 163,000 square meters covered by 34,800 solar panels, with which the production center can generate 16.65 MW of photovoltaic energy.
Thus, almost a third of the energy consumed each year by the factory will come from this clean and renewable source. The equivalent of 4,216 tons of CO2 is no longer emitted into the atmosphere. The next step, scheduled for the end of 2022, will be the installation of photovoltaic panels in the northern area, with a production capacity of 14.15 MW.
In 2023, the wind turbines will start up. They will be installed in two phases: in the first, scheduled for June, two 5.7 MW capacity windmills will be located in the southern area, to be completed with another two 7 MW windmills to the northwest of the factory that will come into service in December of 2024.
A maximum of 30.8 MW of electricity will be produced from solar sources and 25.4 MW from wind sources, representing approximately 80% of the electrical energy consumption of Stellantis Zaragoza, in 2024.

Stellantis press release 

Sep 07, 2022

Grupo Antolin (Antolin) announced that it has collaborated with trinamiX GmbH (trinamiX), a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF SE and a leader in biometric solution, to develop solutions for a more secure and convenient vehicle access by integrating trinamiX Face Authentication into Antolin’s new product portfolio. Antolin’s experience and knowledge in smart surfaces for vehicle interior will also help offer advanced exterior Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems. By incorporating biometric solutions into Antolin’s components, Antolin will be able to offer the systems that combine lighting, electronics, and smart surfaces with face authentication. (From a press release dated September 6, 2022)