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Sep 17, 2021

On September 17, Infineon Technologies  opened its high-tech chip factory for power electronics on 300-millimeter thin wafers at its Villach site in Austria. At EUR 1.6 billion, the investment made by the semiconductor group represents one of the largest such projects in the microelectronics sector in Europe. The chips are manufactured on 300-millimeter thin wafers.
After three years of preparation and construction, the factory was commissioned at the beginning of August, three months ahead of schedule. In the first stage of expansion, the chips will primarily be used to meet demand from the automotive industry (power semiconductors in electric cars), data centers and renewable energy generation of solar and wind power. On the group level, the new factory will give Infineon additional sales potential of around EUR 2 billion per year.
The new chip factory has about 60,000 square meter of gross floor space. Production will be gradually ramped up over the next four to five years. More than two-thirds of the 400 additional highly qualified specialists needed to operate the factory have already been hired.  As a “learning factory,” artificial intelligence solutions will be used primarily in the area of predictive maintenance. 

Infineon Technologies AG press release

Sep 17, 2021

On September 16, Sono Motors signed a cooperation agreement for a large-scale vehicle-to-grid (V2G) project in the city of Utrecht, Netherlands, with We Drive Solar. Sono Motors will provide 100 Sion and thereby support the city in its goal of becoming the first metropolitan ecosystem to combine bidirectional charging and car sharing. Sono Motors’ Sion, the world’s first solar electric vehicle (SEV) for the masses, enables V2G use-cases through its 54-kWh battery, unique solar technology, and the bidirectional charging system.
The region of Utrecht is to connect local energy generation via electric vehicles’ smart charging capabilities, the first project of this scale in the world, with 500 bidirectional charging stations available to the public. On top of the energy produced via the integrated solar panels, all Sion will be charged using sustainable energy and will also be able to deliver excess energy back into the grid. The Sion’s discharging power of 11 kW combined with its battery, helps to reduce grid instabilities and the likelihood of blackouts. The 1.1-megawatt peak power provided by the 100 Sion is equivalent to that created by a large PV plant the size of about two football fields.

Sono Motors press release   

Sep 17, 2021

On September 16, thyssenkrupp announced the sale of Acciai Speciali Terni (AST), including the associated sales organization in Germany, Italy and Turkey, to the Italian company Arvedi, thus achieving another major milestone in the realignment of the group.
The closing of the transaction is expected in the first half of 2022. thyssenkrupp is also examining a possible minority shareholding in the AST group. Details of this will be negotiated up to the closing.
The tie-up with Arvedi will create a strong European player in the steel business. Arvedi’s core business is primary steel production and processing. The company currently employs over 3,500 people. Arvedi has announced significant investments in connection with the acquisition of AST.

Thyssenkrupp press release