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Apr 24, 2019

On April 23, ZF Japan Co., Ltd. announced that the company has developed an electric light commercial vehicle specifically for the Japanese market. This prototype vehicle has been developed by ZF Japan's engineering team at their Tech Center in Yokohama, collaborating with a team in ZF HQ in Germany.
The new prototype is made by replacing the conventional ICE driveline of the most commonly used LCVs in Japan with ZF's CeTrax lite trucks with a 5-ton GVW and load capacity of 2 tons.
The “CeTrax lite,” developed based on ZF's electric drive for passenger vehicles, is an electric drive for light commercial vehicles (LCVs) with a GTW of up to 7.5 tons. ZF achieved a compact and light driveline unit with a total weight of 120kg. An asynchronous motor equipped with the prototype truck generates 150kW and 380Nm ensuring the same level of performance as ICEs.

ZF press release

Apr 24, 2019

On April 17, Webasto informed that it presented its innovative solutions for the megatrends of mobility at  Auto Show in Shanghai.
Webasto will continue to expand its production network in china. The expansion of the existing Wuhan plant will be completed by the end of 2019, making it Webasto's largest production facility worldwide. Also in 2019, in Jiaxing, Webasto will open a new plant with R&D, production, testing and prototyping facilities for sunroof and battery systems.
Webasto presents its high voltage Standard Battery System that has the advantage of its modular design. In addition, the corresponding Vehicle Interface Box (VIB) was developed as an interface between the battery system and the vehicle for user-defined system configurations and programming. 
With the High-Voltage Heater (HVH) the Webasto range also includes the appropriate high-performance heating system for hybrid and electric vehicles. The HVH creates pleasant temperatures in the interior and is simultaneously able to take care of the necessary conditioning of the battery, thereby ensuring that their efficiency is fully realized.

Webasto press release

Apr 24, 2019

On April 23, Volkswagen Group and Minespider launched a pilot project is to be set up to achieve transparency in the global supply chain for lead. Blockchain technology makes it possible to trace the raw material back to the point of origin by means of digital certificates. The Volkswagen Group plans to use this technology for further raw materials and their supply chains.
Volkswagen will be using blockchain, the technology behind various cryptocurrencies, to ensure more transparency and security in the supply chain. The pilot project will involve suppliers and sub-suppliers that deliver more than two thirds of the Group’s total lead starter battery requirements.
The solution developed by Minespider is a proprietary protocol built on a public blockchain. A multi-layer architecture guarantees the security of the sensitive supply chain data despite the open source approach. One layer of the protocol contains generally accessible information, a second layer contains the private data blocks which cannot subsequently be changed, and the third layer is the encryption layer. 

Volkswagen Group press release