Shiloh Industries, Inc.

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880 Steel Drive, Valley City, OH 44280, USA

Business Overview

-The Company is a full service manufacturer of precision blanks, engineered welded blanks, complex stampings, modular assemblies, and aluminum die casting and machining components for body, chassis and powertrain systems in the automotive, heavy truck and other industrial markets.


Body Structure & Interior Systems

  • Dash and floor panels
  • Plenum
  • Trunk floors
  • Spare wheel and folding seat tubs
  • Door systems
  • Wheelhouse
  • Roof panels
  • Instrument panel beams
  • Seat supports
  • Seat back frames
  • Seat risers and center console frames

Chassis Systems

  • Cross members
  • Frame rails
  • Axle carriers
  • Tubes
  • Covers
  • Housings
  • Bearing caps
  • Clutch housings
  • Brake components
  • Steering column housings
  • Knuckles
  • Links
  • Master cylinders

Powertrain Systems

  • Planetary carriers
  • Clutch housings
  • Transmission gear housings
  • Engine valve covers
  • Valve bodies
  • Rocker arm spacers
  • Heat shields
  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Cones
  • Baffles
  • Mufflers shields
  • Engine oil pans
  • Transmission fluid pans
  • Front covers
  • Transmissions covers


1950 The Company was established as Shiloh Tool & Die Manufacturing company. Began to design and manufacture precision tools and dies.
1960's The Company expanded into blanking and stamping operations.
April 1993 Shiloh Industries, Inc. was organized as a Delaware corporation to serve as a holding company for its seven operating subsidiaries.
July 1993 The Company completed an initial public offering of common stock in NASDAQ.
Jan. 1996 The Company entered into a joint venture with Rouge Steel Company and formed a limited liability company, Shiloh of Michigan, L.L.C. to produce engineered steel blanks. (The Company 80% : Rouge Steel 20%)
Nov. 1996 The Company acquired substantially all of the assets of Greenfield Die & Manufacturing Corp., headquartered in Canton, Michigan.
Greenfield Die & Manufacturing Corp. provides a variety of value-added processes, including tool and build, stamping, assembly, welding, prototyping operations, and mold design and manufacture.
Aug. 1997 The Company acquired C & H Design Company, d.b.a, / C & H Die Technology d.b.a. Utica Tool and Die (C & H). *In Oct. 2000, the Company closed C & H.
Oct. 1997 The Company incorporated Jefferson Blanking, Inc., Pendergrass, Georgia and commenced operations in July 1998.
Nov. 1999 The Company acquired MTD Automotive, the automotive division of MTD products Inc, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio for USD 20.0 million in cash and the issuance of 1,428,531 shares of common stock.
July 2000 The Company announced that it would seek strategic alternatives for two of its tool and die facilities, C & H and Canton Tool & Die, and one of its steel processing facilities, Valley City Steel. (In October 2000, the Company closed C & H Co.)
The Company currently intends to sell the assets of Canton Tool & Die, the assets of the steel processing facility of Valley City Steel and certain assets of C &H.
The Company anticipates these sales will be completed in fiscal 2001.
Aug. 2000 The Company acquired substantially all the assets of Dickson for approximately USD 49.2 million, including approximately USD 1.2 million in acquisition costs.
Aug. 2001 The Company completed on July 31 the previously announced sale of its steel-processing subsidiary Valley City Steel Company to Viking Industries, a privately held Minority Business Enterprise headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.
The Company sold them to Viking Industries for USD 12.4 million in cash. The Company and Viking formed a joint venture, Valley City Steel, LLC, in which the Company owns a 49% minority interest and Viking owns a 51% majority interest.
Dec. 2002 Valley City Steel LLC has sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The Company owns a 49 percent interest in Valley City, which it said requested protection. Viking Steel LLC, which owns the remaining 51 percent of Valley City, filed the bankruptcy petition on behalf of Valley City.
Apr. 2011 Started operations at the Bowling Green Manufacturing facility in Kentucky.
2012 Sold Mansfield blanking facility and property in Ohio.
Aug. 2013 Acquired Contech Castings LLC, a supplier of high-pressure aluminum die parts.
May 2014 Agreed to acquire Finnveden Metal Structures which is a Sweden-based stamping and magnesium die casting supplier.
Oct. 2014 Acquired stamping parts supplier Radar Industries in USA.
Dec. 2014 The company announced the opening of its Montgomery County, Tennessee, aluminum die casting plant.
Apr. 2015 The Company announced plans to open a new aluminum casting plant in Nantong, China in a joint venture with Suzhou Sanji Foundry Equipment Co., Ltd. (Sanji)
Apr. 2017 the Company announced that its Clarksville operation will manufacture magnesium cross car beams, or the large panel to which the dashboard mounts.
Nov. 2020 MiddleGround Capital announced today that it has acquired majority ownership of Shiloh Industries, Inc.

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