Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



No.182, Qinling Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu 213022, China

Business Overview

-A major Chinese manufacturer of automotive lamps, mainly for passenger vehicles.
-The Company has become the leading manufactuer of automotive lamps in China.

-The Company's main business is manufacture and sales of automotive lamps. In 2016, the Company's  automotive lamps sales reached RMB 2,983.37 million, accounting for 95.47% of main business sales.


-Listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange

(as of Dec. 31, 2016)
Shareholders Shareholding ratio
Zhou Xiaoping 37.3%
Zhou Bajin 13.59%
Changzhou Xingyu Investment Management Co., Ltd. 6.40%
China Great Wall Asset Management Co., Ltd. 3.44%
Others 39.27%
Total 100%


Combination head lamps
Combination rear lamps
Tail lamps
Fog lamps
Front dome lamps
Front turn signal lamps
Side turn signal lamps
Front side marking lamps
Trunk lamps
License plate lamps
High mounted stop lamps
Reading lamps
Make-up lamps
Glove trunk lamps
Room lamps
Daytime running lamps
Triangle warning plates
Flexible flat cables


Mar. 1993 Registered as Wujin Xingyu Lights Factory.
Apr. 1994 Increased funds and renamed as Changzhou Xingyu Lights Factory.
Apr. 2000 Renamed as Changzhou Xingyi Lights Factory.
2001 Renamed as Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lamps Co.,Ltd.
Nov. 2007 Renamed as Jiangsu Xingyi Automotive Lamps Co.,Ltd.
Apr. 2008 Renamed as Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lamps Co.,Ltd.
May 2009 Established Changzhou Patelong Automotive Safety Systems Co.,Ltd. with GEBRA Automotive GmbH.
Jan. 2011 Listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange.
May. 2013 The Company established Jilin Xingyu Automotive Lamps Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary in Changchun City, Jilin Province.
Sep. 2013 The Company established Xingyu Automotive Lamps (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary in Hong Kong.
Aug. 2014 Xingyu Automotive Lamps (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., the Company's wholly owned subsidiary, acquired 70% shares in neue I&T GmbH.
Jan. 2015 neue I&T GmbH changed its name into I&T GmbH
Jun. 2016 The Company uses its own funds to set up wholly-owned subsidiary "Changzhou Xingyu Intelligent Automotive Electronic Technology Co., Ltd."
Aug. 2016 The Company announced that it has liquidated and delisted Changzhou Patelong Automotive Safety Systems Co., Ltd. before August 26.

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