Oiles Corporation

Company Profile




8 Kirihara-cho, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 252-0811, Japan

Business Overview

-Japan's largest self-lubricating bearing manufacturer.

-Consists of three business segments:

  • Bearing Division
  • Structural Division
  • Architectural Division

-Manufactures bearings/bushings for automotive trunk hinges, suspension system, steering system etc.

Financial Highlights

-In FY ended March 2016, consolidated sales were JPY 60,083 million (a 2.9% decrease on a year-over-year (y/y) basis), operating income was JPY 4,952 million (an 18.6% decrease y/y), ordinary income was JPY 5,054 million (a 23.9% decrease y/y), and net income attributable to owners of the parent was JPY 4,927 million (a 14.6% increase y/y). Sales of the Bearing Division accounted for 74% of the Company's overall sales.

-The Company is working on expanding sales outside Japan. Significant growth in European sales is expected, starting in 2016.

  • The Company is a designated supplier to Audi. It supplies its oil-less PS bearings to the German automaker.
  • The Company is registered as a supplier to ZF. Its support yokes have been supplied for the German manufacturer's steering systems since December 2015.


-Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. (As of Mar. 31, 2016)
Name or Company Name Investment ratio (%)
Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd. 8.17
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. 4.00
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. 3.68
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. 3.31
Nippon Life Insurance Company 2.67
Individual shareholder 2.29
Individual shareholder 1.99
Employee stock holdings 1.95
Oiles East Japan Mutual Prosperity Association 1.87
Total 31.55


Oil-less bearings
Steering system
-Rack guide; Support yoke bearings
-Ball seats
-Rack bushings

Powertrain system
-Tensioner bushings
-Damper pulley bushings / washers
-Compressor bushings

Control system
-MT control bushings
-Solenoid bushings

Suspension system
-Plastic thrust bearings; PS bearings
-Ball seats

Body system
-Trunk hinge bushings
-Hood hinge bushings
-Door hinge bushings
-Seat height adjuster bushings

Seat dampers

Variable hysteresis generating devices for pedal

Shift lever bushings


Apr. 1939 Established as Nippon Oiles Bearing Kenkyujo in Chuo, Ota-ku, Tokyo.
Apr. 1939 Started manufacturing and sales of self-lubricating bearings.
Mar. 1952 Incorporated as Nippon Oiles Bearing Kenkyujo with capital of 1 million yen.
Feb. 1954 Opened the Kamata Plant in Ota-ku, Tokyo.
Dec. 1958 Renamed Oiles Corp.
Mar. 1995 Established Menshin Engineering Co., Ltd.
Sep. 1997 Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Feb. 1998 Obtained ISO9002 quality assurance system certification.
Mar. 1998 Opened the Quake-Absorbing & Damping Technology Center in Ashikaga Plant.
Oct. 1998 Established Shanghai Oiles Bearing Inc. in China.
Nov. 1999 Obtained ISO9001 certification.
Mar. 2000 Obtained ISO14001 certification.
Dec. 2001 Liquidated Skellerup Oiles Seismic Protection, LLC.
Apr. 2002 Changed the name of the affiliated company "Kiso" to "Oiles-east Co., Ltd".
Apr. 2002 Established Oiles (Thailand) Company Limited in Thailand.
Jun. 2003 Established Oiles Czech Manufacturing s.r.o. (currently a consolidated subsidiary) in the Czech Republic.
Sep. 2003 Gained a 55% ownership in Shanghai Oiles Bearing Inc. through direct investment (Previously the Company had held 55% of the shares indirectly.)
Mar. 2004 Oiles America Corporation established Oiles Canada Corporation (currently a consolidated subsidiary) in Canada.
Jun. 2004 Changed the company name of Oiles Tribomet Gleitelemente GmbH to Oiles Deutschland GmbH (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
Oct. 2004 Relocated its head office to Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Oct. 2004 Acquired additional shares of Riko Kihara Co., Ltd.-now its consolidated subsidiary-raising Oiles's ownership ratio from 50.7% to 85.5%.
Apr. 2005 Established Oiles Suzhou Corporation in China.
Jun. 2005 The Company sold part of the shares it held in Taiwan Oiles Industry Co., Ltd. Its voting rights of the Taiwanese company were changed from 55.0% to 10.0%.
Jun. 2005 Acquired additional shares of Shanghai Oiles Bearing Inc., raising Oiles's voting rights from 55.0% to 90.0%.
Aug. 2005 Acquired additional shares of Luby Corporation, raising Oiles's voting rights from 48.0% to 78.8%.
Sep. 2005 Established Oiles France SASU in France.
Aug. 2006 Obtained additional shares of Towa Denki Co., Ltd. by conducting a share swap. This increased the Company's voting rights percentage from 54.5% to 100%.
Apr. 2007 Unipla Corporation, which is a consolidated subsidiary of the Company, and Towa Denki Co., Ltd. merged with Unipla, which became the surviving company.
Oct. 2010 Acquired additional shares of stock in OK Industries, Ltd., including it in its consolidated financial statements.
Jan. 2011 Merged Oiles USA Holding Incorporated and Oiles America Corporation as Oiles USA Holding the surviving company. It thereby formed a new company, Oiles America Corporation, which is now a consolidated subsidiary of the Company.
Mar. 2011 Established Oiles Self Lubricating Bearings Manufacturing Private Limited in India, which is now a consolidated subsidiary of the Company.
Dec. 2011 Liquidated Oiles Canada Corporation.
Apr. 2012 Renamed Oiles Self Lubricating Bearings Manufacturing Private Limited to Oiles India Private Limited. (The company is a consolidated subsidiary.)
Oct. 2013 Taihei Co., Ltd. transferred some of its business operations to Oiles East Japan Sales Company, which then changed its name to Oiles West Japan Sales Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
May 2015 Acquired the remaining stake in Riko Kihara Co., Ltd. and converted it into its wholly owned subsidiary.

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