TT Electronics Plc

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Fourth Floor, St Andrews House, West Street, Woking, Surrey, GU21 6EB

Business Overview

-The Company develops and manufactures electronic components for a variety of markets including the transportation, industrial, energy, medical, defense and aerospace markets.

-In 2013, the Company established a new Sensing and Control division. Currently, the Company consists of three main divisions; Sensing and Control, Components and Integrated Manufacturing Services (IMS).


Sensing & Control Components IMS
-Asteel Flash


 (As of Mar. 7, 2016)
Shareholders Voting rights (%)
Aberforth Partners LLP 11.0
Aberdeen Asset Managers Limited 9.7
FIL Limited (Fidelity International) 9.4
UBS Global Asset Management 5.8
Delta Lloyd NV and group companies 5.2
Tameside MBC re: Greater Manchester Police 5.1
Schroders plc 4.9
Tweedy, Browne Company LLC 4.9


Sensing and Control
-Steering sensors
-Camshaft and crankshaft sensors
-Brake position sensors
-Speed sensors
-Pressure sensors
-Temperature sensors
-Air temperature sensors
-Chassis height sensors
-Position sensors
-Fluid properties sensors
-Optical sensors
-LED modules for headlight applications
-Electronic compressor controls
-Electronic drives for centrifuges
-MCUs for in-wheel-drive systems
-Electronic pump controls
-On-board power switch for hybrid vehicles utilizing start/stop systems

-Surge protection resistors for wiper and control modules
-Current sense resistors
-HV resistors for voltage control
-Inrush current limiting resistors
-Precision resistors for voltage monitoring
-Power resistors for load dump


May, 1992 Acquired JP 2000 Corp.
July, 1992 Acquired Magnetic Materials Group plc.
Jan. 1993 Acquired AB Electronic Products Group PLC.
1993 Disposed of United Packaging PLC.
Acquired a minority interest in Twine & Cordage Manufacturing Co.
Aug. 1994 Acquired Dale Electric for a consideration of 16,300,000 pounds in shares and cash.
1994 Acquired the following: Comcare Systems Ltd. and Polymer Insulators Ltd.
July, 1995 Acquired Race Electronics.
Oct. 1995 Acquired Linton and Hirst Group Ltd. and Scorpio Power Systems Ltd.
1997 Acquired the business of Thames Wire & Cables (Pty) Ltd.
Purchased an additional 51% shareholding in Ottomotores Dale SA de CV, making this company a wholly owned subsidiary.
Mar. 1997 Acquired the Wire and Cables Division from The General Electric Company, plc at a cost of 27.0 million pounds.
Jun. 1998 Acquired the trade and assets of Wire Systems Technology (Proprietary) Limited, for a total cost of 1.9 million pounds.
Nov. 1998 Disposed of the maintenance business of Wolsey Comcare Limited, and on Dec. 3, 1998, the Company sold the issued share capital of AB Stratos Limited for a total consideration of 1.6 million pounds.
May, 1999 Acquired Prestwick Holdings plc. Started production of PCB for European OEMs.
Jan. 2000 Acquired BI Technologies Group from Emerson Electric Co. for total cost of 39.7 million pounds.
Sep. 2002 Acquired 3,273,135 shares of PRESSAC PLC. As of the acquisition, the Company's total share holding in PRESSAC was 21%.
Mar. 2003 Announced the acquisition of the business of Demo, based at Le Mans, France.
Mar. 2005 Acquisition of Chinese company, Dage Limited.
Oct. 2005 Announced the closure its French based climate control plant.
Sep. 2007 Announced to sell AEI Cables Limited, a manufacturer of power cables, to a subsidiary of Paramount Cables Limited (India).
Aug. 2008 Acquisition of Semelab Ltd. (UK) to strengthen its position in the automotive, aerospace and other markets.
Jan. 2009 Reorganized into the five divisions for four.
Jun. 2009 The closure of the AB Electronic facility in Romford (UK) is due to be completed by June 30, 2009.
July, 2011 Divested the late business in the General Industrial division.
Aug. 2011 Announced to close the Boone, North Carolina, U.S. manufacturing plant in 2012.
2012 Closed the Boone plant in North Carolina, USA.
Divested the Secure Power division.

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