Doga S.A.

Company Profile



Autovia A-2, Km. 583, 08630 Abrera, Barcelona, Spain

Business Overview

-Spanish manufacturer of wiper and washer systems.

-The Company also manufactures DC motors, press-formed and die-forged parts and jointed and welded mechanical assemblies.

-The Company is active in both OEM and the aftermarket for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, trains and off-roads.

-The Company has subsidiaries in Spain, Brazil, China, France, Italy, Russia and the U.S.


Windshield wipers
Wiper systems
Wiper blades

Windshield washers

Expansion tanks
Brake fluid tanks

DC motors and DC motors with planetary gearboxes
-Roof systems
-Window regulators
-Head lamp adjustments
-Air conditionings


Air systems
Electro fans

Window regulators


1958 Began its business in Barcelona, initially named FAINA and its products went under the C&G brand.
1969 Stage One (2,300 sq. m.) of the current premises in Abrera.
1977 Stage Two in Abrera, expanded the total available surface of 7,100 sq. m.
1986 Established Doga France.
1990 Stage Three in Abrera, with the construction of an additional 5,050 sq. m. for the stamping and welding plant.
Jan. 1998 Doga Navarra invested in a new plant at VW's supplier park at Navarra, Spain. Initially the plant would be dedicated to the production of assemblies and stampings for the VW Polo.
2000 Construction of a five-story building for the group's central services and offices.
2001 Established Doga do Brasil.
Expanded the total available surface of 2,100 sq. m. in Abrera.
2003 Established Doga USA.
2004 Established Doga Italia.
2005 Established Doga Femaplast (Italy).
2007 Established Doga Nantong (China).
2008 Opened Technical center in Abrera (Spain).
2011 Established Russian joint venture Doga Avtocom CIE Ltd (DAC).
2012 DOGA Parts SL. has been established in Barcelona, Spain for aftermarket business.
2013 Established DOGA Polska in Poland.

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