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19-2, Niwari, Nakabata-cho, Nishio-shi, Aichi-ken, 444-0392, Japan

Business Overview

-A manufacturer specializing in precision functional components for vehicles, with a particular focus on engine valve train parts.

-The Company supplies roller arms for Toyota and Subaru models. Its valve lifters are the world's highest in terms of cost efficiency, production volume, and quality.


Engine parts
Valve train parts
-Roller arms
-Hydraulic lash adjusters
-Valve lifters
-Variable valve lift systems

Fuel system parts
-Fuel delivery pipes
-Common rails
-Injector holders

Other engine parts
-Balance shafts
-Cam housings
-Cam caps
-Compressor housings

Electrified vehicle parts
-Hybrid electric vehicle parts

Drivetrain parts


1918 Otai Iron Works established as a repair shop for motors and cotton looms.
1931 Started doing business with Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd. (Currently Toyota Industries Corporation)
1935 Started manufacturing machine tools.
1942 Received order for lathes from Toyota Motor Corporation.
1943 Received order for oil pumps from Tokai Airplane.
1946 Received order for rocker arms from Toyota Motor Corporation, the start of the Company's automotive parts business.
1949 Established Otai Iron Works Co., Ltd. (capital of 980,000). Registered as a member of Toyota Motor Corporation Kyouhoukai (present Tokai Kyouhoukai) when it was established.
1965 Started business with Toyota Machine Works, Ltd.
1967 Established Heisaka Plant.
1969 Established Takaoka Plant.
1974 Established Terazu Plant.
1975 Started business with Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
1981 Established Eguchi Plant.
1981 Started business with Yanmar Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.
1983 Received order for specialized manufacturing machinery from Toyota Motor Corporation.
1986 Joined Toyota Motor's Eiho-kai
1988 Started business with Komatsu Ltd.
1989 Started business with Iseki & Co., Ltd.
1992 Company name changed to Otics Corporation.
1995 Began business with Jidosha Kiki Co., Ltd. (currently, Bosch Automotive Systems)
1997 Started business with Fuji Heavy Industries.
Established P.T. Otics Indonesia in Indonesia.
1998 Takaoka plant obtained ISO9001.
Established Hazu plant.
Started business with Isuzu Motor.
2000 Capital increased to 303 million yen.
2001 Otics USA was established.
2002 Received a Quality Control Award from Toyota
QS-9000 Certified
2003 Received a Quality Control Award from Toyota
QS9001 Certified
2004 Started business with Mitsubishi Motors.
Otics Mechanical Industry Changshu Co., Ltd. was established
2006 ISO/TS16949 Certified
2007 Established Kira plant.
2012 Established OTICS (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2016 Established Gamagoori Plant.
2020 Established Nishiasai Plant.

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>>>Business Report FY ended Mar. 2016

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