Nippon Gasket Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



5-14 Midorigaoka, Toyota-shi, Aichi-ken 471-0838 Japan

Business Overview

-Main product is cylinder gaskets for automobiles and industries.


-Unlisted Company (As of Mar. 31, 2023)
Shareholders Investment Ratio (%)
Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd. 100.0


Gaskets for cylinder head
-Metal gaskets for cylinder head
-Paper-made sheet gaskets

Exhaust manifold gaskets/Turbocharger gaskets
-Metal gaskets

  • Exhaust manifold gaskets
  • Turbocharger gaskets

-Paper-made sheet gaskets

  • Exhaust manifold gaskets

Resin gears/CFRP
-Resin gears
-Insulation plates, washers
-Clutch facings

Fuel-cell-battery parts
-Terminals for fuel-cell batteries equipped on the Toyota Mirai

-Graphite gaskets for cylinder head
-EGR valve gaskets


Sep. 1950 Okumura Yoshitaka established Okumura Industrial Co., Ltd. and started manufacturing automobile gaskets.
Dec. 1952 NHK Spring took over management of the Company and changed its name to Osaka Gasket Industrial Co., Ltd.
May, 1960 Moved its headquarters and main plant to Higashi Osaka City.
Mar. 1963 Took over the gasket marketing division of Japan Pillar Industrial Co., Ltd. and Company name was changed to Japan Gasket Co., Ltd.
June, 1966 Introduced Japan's first sheet machine for gaskets, and started vertically integrated manufacturing, from materials to finished product.
Oct. 1971 Tie-up with Japan Oil Sheet Industrial Co., Ltd. (currently, NOK Co., Ltd.) and receipt of capital investment from them.
July, 1973

Established a joint venture company, NHK Gasket (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand (currently, a consolidated company) with NHK Spring and NHK Spring (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Oct. 1979 Established a joint venture company, NHK Gasket Singapore Co. (Pte.) Ltd. (currently, a consolidated company) with NHK Spring Co., Ltd., NHK Spring Distribution Co., Ltd. and Nissho Iwai Co., Ltd.
Sep. 1982 Established the Shiga plant to streamline production and expand manufacturing capacity.
Dec. 1985 Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange, as a special trading brand.
Oct. 1986 Completed construction of the second plant in the Shiga plant.
Feb. 1992 Completed construction of the third plant in the Shiga plant.
July, 1996 Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange.
Nov. 1996 Established P.T. NHK Gasket Indonesia, a joint venture company with P.T. Astra International and NHK Spring Co., Ltd.
Sep. 1997 Established an assembly line to manufacture materials for metal gaskets and guarantee the quality of seals in the Shiga plant.
Nov. 2003 Entered into a business alliance with Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd., that includes capital participation by Taiho as well.
2005 The Company's stock was delisted from the Osaka Securities Exchange.
The Company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Expanded the third plant of the Shiga facility, which makes metal gaskets.
2006 Taiho Kogyo transferred its entire gasket business to the Company.
2007 Transferred its headquarters to Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.
2008 Invested in acquiring a 40 percent share in Taiho Manufacturing of Tennessee LLC. Established Yantai Nippon Gasket Co., Ltd.
2009 NHK Gasket (Thailand) Co., Ltd. changed its corporate name to Nippon Gasket (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
PT. NHK Gasket Indonesia changed its corporate name to P.T. Astra Nippon Gasket Indonesia.
Closed down Nippon Gasket Singapore Co. PTE. Ltd.
2010 Established a development facility on the premises of its headquarters site.
Transferred its technical center from the Hosoya Plant of Taiho Kogyo to the Company’s headquarters.
2012 Commenced mass production of resin gears employing its proprietary "Pulp mold technology".
2013 Nippon Gasket of America, Inc. converted Taiho Manufacturing of Tennessee, LLC into its wholly-owned subsidiary.
2016 Established a loading yard and a die factory at the Shiga Plant.
2018 Changed the corporate structure of Taiho Manufacturing of Tennessee LLC from an LLC to an Incorporated company. Nippon Gasket of America, Inc. absorbed the operations of Taiho Manufacturing of Tennessee, Inc., directly acquiring 100% of the shares in the Tennessee company.

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