Kiriu Corporation

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2, Omata-minamimachi, Ashikaga City, Tochigi Pref., 326-0142 Japan

Business Overview

-Main products are brake discs, brake drums, automatic transmission parts.


-Unlisted Company (As of Mar. 31, 2021)
Shareholder Ratio of shareholding (%)
Sumitomo Corp. 100.0


Brake Parts
Brake discs
Brake drums
Brake calipers
Steering knuckles

Air Conditioner Parts
Scroll compressors


1906 Established for the purpose of manufacturing tools for textile spinning machines.
Jan. 1917 Reorganized as Kiriu Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.
1937 Began production of machine tools such as lathes and turret lathes.
Apr. 1960 Joined Prince Automotive (currently Nissan Motor Co.) Group and began manufacturing of automotive casting components.
Sep. 1961 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Oct. 1962 Moved the Headquarters and the machine tool plant to the current location.
Oct. 1968 Setup Ashikaga Plant and built the 1st casting plant to increase production of automotive casting parts.
Sep. 1973 Established a subsidiary, Ohu Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. in Funagata-machi, Yamagata Prefecture.
Dec. 1975 Started the production of forklift components and attachments
June, 1978 Kiriu Kohsan, a subsidiary was established, in Akahori-machi, Gunma Prefecture.
Sep. 1992 Invested in Fuhsingji Machine Co., Ltd. in Taiwan
Apr. 1993 Established Kiriu Oita in Innai-machi, Oita Prefecture.
Oct. 1996 Established a subsidiary Kiriu Technology Co., Ltd. in Taiwan
1998 Acquired additional shares of Fuhsingji Machine Co., Ltd. in Taiwan and made it into a subsidiary
Aug. 1998 Established a joint venture subsidiary, Kiriu Buddyprima Indonesia in Indonesia
Dec. 2000 Dissolved the subsidiary, Kiriu Technology Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2001 Suspended the operations of a subsidiary, Kiriu Oita
Mar. 2001 Will spin off the Machine Tool Division in the first half of FY 2001 Changed the name of Kiriu Oita to Kiriu Techno and handed over the operation.
July, 2001 Established a local corporation, Kiriu USA in Kentucky, USA to produce brake drums and discs
Oct. 2001 Changed the company name to Kiriu Corporation.
Dec. 2001 Takeover bid of KIRIU completed. Unison Capital, Inc. acquired 95.4% of the outstanding shares. Unison Industrial Partners, an affiliated company of Unison Capital, will be the parent company.
2002 Reached an agreement to merge with Unison Industrial Partners, the parent company.
Was spun off from the Nissan Group.
Established a subsidiary named Kiriu USA Corporation.
Closed Fuhsingji Machine Co., Ltd. (Taiwan).
2003 Purchased a piece of land and a building in Sawa-Gun, Gunma Prefecture for a new plant.
Expanded the plant facilities of Kiriu USA Corporation.
Decided to expand its casting operations at P.T. Kiriu Budiprima Indonesia.
2004 Established Kiriu-Lioho Co., Ltd., a manufacturing subsidiary in China, jointly with Lioho Machine Works of Taiwan.
Kiriu USA Corporation opened a Detroit office.
Sumitomo Corp. acquired the shares in the Company that were owned by Unison Capital.
2005 Established Kiriu Samick jointly with Samick LMS of Korea.
Jan. 2006 Decided to establish Kiriu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. in Thailand.
Decided to set up Kiriu Mexicana C.V. in Mexico.
2007 Established Munjal Kiriu Industries Pvt. Ltd. jointly with Hero Motors Limited of India.
2008 Jan. Established Kiriu Oita Corp. in Oita Pref., Japan.
Aug. 2010 Absorbed Kiriu Kosan into its own operations.
Feb. 2011 Increased its investment in Munjal Kiriu Industries Pvt. Limited, adding the Indian production company to its consolidated financial statements.
Apr. 2012 Acquired capital in Fujiwa Machinery Industry (Hubei) Co, Ltd., manufacturing facility in China.
Sep. 2015 Reorganized Kiriu Ilrim Autoparts Machine (Yantai) Co., Ltd. to Kiriu Techno (Yantai) Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2021 Asama Giken Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary company

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