Hoerbiger Holding AG

Company Profile




Baarerstrasse 18, 6302 Zug, Switzerland

Business Overview

-The Company is based in Switzerland and is a global leader in the manufacturing and development of compression technology, drive technology, actuation systems, and transmission components.

-The Company is comprised of five operating units consisting of two divisions and three business units as follows:

  • Compression Division
  • Automotive Division
  • Rotary Business Unit
  • Engine Business Unit
  • Safety Business Unit


-The Company is a private entity. The Hoerbiger foundation is the Company’s majority shareholder and controls the Company, holding 75% of the Company’s shares through a subsidiary. The Company’s remaining 25% of shares are held through an associated shareholding structure by family shareholder, Christiana Hoerbiger.


Drivetrain products
-ECO synchronizers
-DCT synchronizers
-emDOC synchronizers for electric drivetrains
-Dog clutches
-eSYN synchronizers for electric drivetrains
-Clutch assemblies
-Cone couplings
-Disconnect clutches
-Friction discs
-Steel/end blades
-Gearbox actuation systems
-Port-fuel injectors
-Direct injectors
-Hydrogen injectors
-Hydrogen ignition systems

Fuel cell systems
-Hydrogen pressure control units
-Hydrogen refueling data interfaces

Actuation comfort solutions
-Vehicle height adjustment systems
-Hydraulic power units for intelligent suspension systems
-Door operators
-Drives for trunk lids and tailgates
-Drives for aerodynamic components
-Automatic roof drives

Other compressors
-Refrigeration and air conditioning compressors
-Brake air compressors

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