Hoerbiger Holding AG

Company Profile




Baarerstrasse 18, 6304 Zug, Switzerland

Business Overview

-The Company is based in Switzerland and is a global leader in the manufacturing and development of compression technology, drive technology, actuation systems, and transmission components.

-The Company is organized into five segments:

  • Compression Technology
  • Drive Technology
  • Engine Division
  • Hydraulics Division
  • Safety Division


-Unlisted. 75 percent shares of the Company are held by HOERBIGER Tectum Holding AG.


Hydraulic Systems
-Hydraulic drives for trunk lids and tailgates
-Hydraulic drives for convertible soft and hard tops
-Hydraulic window lifting mechanisms
-Pneumatic shifting force support units for trucks and buses
-Electrohydraulic control systems for drivetrains
-Actuators for vehicle doors

Compression Technology
Reed valves
-Reed valves for air brake compressors for commercial vehicles
-Reed valves for refrigeration compressors for air conditioning in buses and the driver cabs of commercial vehicles

Rotary compressors
-Valves and controls for rotary compressors

Drive Technology
Passenger cars
-Synchronizer systems for manual transmissions
-Synchronizer systems for double clutch transmissions
-Clutch plates for automatic transmission
-Control, operational and clutch systems
-Friction systems for 4-wheel drives

Trucks and utility vehicles
-Synchronizer systems
-Clutch plates for automatic transmission

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