Fuji Machinery Co., Ltd.

Company Profile




2-24-3 Iwagami-cho, Maebashi City, Gunma Pref., 371-0035 Japan

Business Overview

-A subsidiary of SUBARU.

-Engaged in development, manufacturing and sales of transmissions and parts for light vehicles; and transmissions for industrial machinery.


-Unlisted Company


-Engine oil-pump
-Hybrid Motor Case
-Steering gear box
-Manual transmission
-CVT parts
-Rear Diff


Mar. 1939 Started as Maebashi 2nd Plant of Nakajima Aircraft Co., Ltd and started production of aircraft body, legs and hydraulic control systems
Aug. 1945 Company name changed to Maebashi Plant of Fuji Industrial Co., Ltd.
July, 1950 Established as Fuji Equipment Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of Fuji Industrial Co., Ltd.
July, 1955 Company name changed to Fuji Machinery Co., Ltd. Commenced manufacture/sales of transmissions for agricultural machinery.
Feb. 1957 Acquired by Fuji Heavy Industries and became it's subsidiary. Shifted to production of transmissions used in farm tractors and mini car components.
May, 1963 Listed on the over the counter market of the Japan Securities Dealers Association.
Dec. 1965 Started manufacturing transmissions for industrial machinery.
Mar. 1966 Started manufacturing parts for small cars.
Sep. 1968 Expanded the light vehicle parts plant.
June, 1972 Expanded mini car parts plant.
Sep. 1973 Expanded the transmission plant.
Feb. 1985 Established a new plant for hydraulic parts.
Aug. 1988 Established a new plant for manufacture of transmissions for mini cars.
June, 1990 Acquired shares of Nishino Machinery Industry Co., Ltd (currently consolidated subsidiary)
Mar. 1991 Established Haga Plant (manufacturing transmissions for industrial machinery).
Dec. 1998 Expanded Haga Plant (manufacturing Automotive parts)
1999 Expanded the plant for CVT Oil-Pumps.
July, 2000 Established a new heat treating plant
Aug. 2000 Started manufacturing 6-speed manual transmissions for mini cars.
May, 2001 Started manufacturing rear differentials.
Aug. 2003 Established its Jonan Plant that manufactures automotive parts.
2004 Started manufacturing 5-speed transmission parts for small vehicles.
2009 Isesaki Plant launched operations.
Started manufacturing manual transmissions for small vehicles.
Feb. 2012 Ceased production of mini vehicle transmission for Subaru vehicles.
2018 Acquired Oizumi Plant.

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