Alps Alpine Co., Ltd. (Formerly Alpine Electronics, Inc.)

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1-7, Yukigaya Otsuka machi, Ota-ku, Tokyo 145-8501, Japan

Business Overview

-The Company was originally engaged in developing, manufacturing, and selling automotive audio devices and information/communications devices and systems under the Alpine Group. In April 2020 its entire business operations were merged with Alps Electronics, and the consolidated company adopted the name Alps Alpine Co., Ltd.


Name Investment Ratio (%)
Alps Alpine Co., Ltd. 100.0


Navigation systems
Head units
Speakers / Amplifiers
Sound systems
Rear view cameras
Side view cameras
Multi view cameras
AV control systems
AV and navigation integrated units


May 1967 Alps Motorola, Inc. was jointly founded by Alps Electronics, Inc. and U.S. Motorola Co., Ltd.
Started manufacturing deck mechanisms for 8-track tape players.
Apr. 1969 Started manufacturing and sales of radios for vehicles
Nov. 1969 Opened Iwaki division in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture
Oct. 1972 Opened Onomachi plant in Onomachi, Tamura County, Fukushima Prefecture.
Jun. 1978 Established a sales company Alpine Electronics GmbH in Germany (currently consolidated subsidiary).
Aug. 1978 Broke off the joint contract with Motorola Co., Ltd., which left Alps Electronics, Inc. with 100% of ownership.
Nov. 1978 Company name was changed to Alpine Electronics, Inc.
Established a sales company Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. in the U.S. (currently consolidated subsidiary).
1992 Signed basic agreement for technical tie-up with Valeo of France.
Feb. 1994 Established Alpine Electronics (Dandong) Co. Ltd. in China, a production company (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Dec. 1994 Established Alpine Electronics (China) Co. Ltd. a Chinese stock-holding headquarters in China (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Dec. 1994 Established Alpine Electronics (Dalian) Co. Ltd. a production company in China (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
1996 Signed licensing agreement related to manufacturing technology for key sets and outside handles with Woojin Industrial Systems, Co., Ltd. of Korea
July 1998 Established Alpine Electronics Manufacturing of Europe, Ltd., a production company in Hungary (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Mar. 2000 Agreed on a technological tie-up with Nokia.
May 2000 Integrated domestic production plants to strengthen global competitiveness.
Jul. 2000 A part of sales transferred to Alpine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (previous name: Alpine Engineering Co., Ltd).
Sep. 2000 "Alpine F#1 status' received" Car Hi-Fi Grand Prix prize
Jan. 2001 Navigation and audio systems received the number one ranking a survey by J.D. Power and associates.
Jan. 2001 Alpine demonstration car received "Best Demonstration Car" prize.
Feb. 2001 Received Toyota's Special Prize for Weight Reduction.
Sep. 2001 Established Alpine Electronics Hong Kong Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong for sales and procurement of materials (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Nov. 2001 Established Alpine Marketing Co., Ltd., a sales company in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Aug. 2002 Established Taicang Alpine Electronics Co., Ltd in China (currently consolidated subsidiary)
July 2005 Established Alpine Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a sales company in Thailand, which is currently a consolidated company.
Mar. 2008 Shenyang Neusoft Co., Ltd. absorbed a company (Neusoft Group, Ltd.), which Alpine accounts for under the equity method, forming a new company called Neusoft Corporation.
Feb. 2009 Established Alpine of Asia Pacific India Private Limited, a sales company in India, which is currently a consolidated company.
Apr. 2012 Established Alpine Electronics of Silicon Valley, Inc. as a technical center.
2012 Established Alpine Electronics of Middle East, FZCO in Dubai in UAE as a sales office.
Established Alpine of Korea in Seoul, Korea as a sales office.
2013 Opened a representative office in Indonesia.
Nov. 2015

Established Neusoft Reach Automotive Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China.

Jun. 2017 Merged and absorbed the operations of Alpine R&D Company, the company responsible for R&D activities in Japan.
Aug. 2017 Relocated the home office to Tokyo’s Ota Ward.
Jan. 2019 Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Alps Alpine through a stock-share transfer.

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