Flex-N-Gate Corporation

Company Profile




1306 East University Ave. Urbana, IL 61802, USA

Business Overview

-The Company manufactures metal and plastic exterior and interior components, lighting components, mechanical assemblies, and precision molded components for the automotive industry.

-The Company is organized into the following six divisions based primarily on product line:

  • Front End Module
  • Lighting
  • Plastics
  • Mechanical assemblies
  • Metals
  • Low Run & Prototyping


-The Company is privately owned.


Plastic products
Exterior products
-Body side moldings
-Box top rails
-Bumper systems
-Chrome plastic grilles
-Cowl screens
-Energy management systems
-Front and rear fascias
-Grille guards
-MIC, painted, and chrome plated grilles
-Radiator supports
-Rocker panels
-Running board systems
-Wheel covers
-Wheel house lining
-Door protectors
-Front-end carriers

Interior products
-A, B, C, D-pillars
-Trim assemblies
-Console assemblies
-Door panels and lift gate trim components
-Door switch plates
-Front and rear step garnishes
-Glove box assemblies
-HVAC vent assemblies
-Instrument panel cluster bezels
-Interior body hard trims
-Quarter trim panels
-Speaker and heater grilles
-Steering column bezels

Exterior body metal products
-Front and rear bumper systems
-Tubular side bars
-Running board systems
-Receiver hitches
-Towing accessories
-Heat shield and skid plates
-Bumper beams
-Class "A" closures
-Welded body in white structures
-Large body in white stampings
-Body structure assemblies
-Chassis structural assemblies
-Cradles and crossmembers
-Body mounts
-Roll formed components

Complete Front end modules

Parking brake systems
-Hand and foot parking brake systems
-Pawl, sector and torsion lock systems
-Manual and auto adjust systems
-Cable and mechanism systems

Closure systems
-Stamped, forged and profile hinges
-Side door, hood, trunk, decklid, sliding door, liftgate, endgate hinges
-Integrated and separated door check systems
-Plastic encapsulated and paintable torsion spring check systems

Pedal systems
-Accelerators, brakes, clutches and modules
-Electronic throttle control (ETC) and cable systems
-Multiple pedal systems and materials

-LED lamps
-Halogen lamps
-Xenon High Intensity Discharge lamps
-Modular projector systems
-Reflector systems
-Light pipes
-Side markers and turn signals
-Fog lamps
-Daytime running lamps
-Signature lamps
-Rear combination lamps
-Center high mounted stop lamps
-Flex F/X lighting technology
-Adaptive driving beams


1956 Flex-N-Gate was incorporated.
1960s Commenced supplying bumpers to the Jeep Corporation, making them the Company's first OE customers.
1970s Its second manufacturing facility was established in Danville, Illinois to support production of OE rear step bumpers.
2001 Acquired Ventra Group.
2007 Acquired the Collins and Aikman facilities in Evart, Michigan; Belvidere, Illinois; Windsor, Ontario, Canada; and St. Louis, Missouri.
2008 Acquired BlackHawk Automotive Plastics, Inc.
2009 Acquired a part of Meridian's bumper systems business.
2012 Acquired the headlamp and taillight business belonging to Ford Motor Company's Automotive Component Holdings LLC.
Dec. 2015 Acquired Cooper-Standard Rockford, a manufacturer of decorative and functional exterior components, through an affiliate of the Company.