China Auto Electronics Group Limited (THB Group)

Company Profile



Tianhai Building, No.3, Songjiang Road, Hebi Economic and Technological Development Zone, Henan, China

Business Overview

-The Company was delisted from the Singapore Stock Exchange on February 6, 2017.

-The Company is a leading manufacturer of automotive wire harnesses and connectors in China.

-The Company's main products include automotive connectors, electrical fuse boxes, automotive electronics and wire harnesses.


Terminal housings
Clips and tie straps

Electrical Junction Boxes
-Central Electrical Junction Boxes
-High Voltage Boxes
-Smart Electric Boxes

Electrical Harness
-Airbag Harness
-Engine Harness
-Battery Harness
-Seat Harness
-Instrument Wiring Harness
-A/C Wiring Harness
-Door Wiring Harness

Auto Electronics
-Lighting Controller
-Rearview Mirror Folder
-Headlight Adjusters

Harness Equipment

NEV Products

-Motor High Voltage Harness
-Battery High Voltage Harness
-High Voltage Power Harness
-DC High Voltage Harness
-PTC High Voltage Harness


Oct.1969 Hebi Canvas Paint Factory was established.
1977 Hebi Canvas Paint Factory was renamed Hebi Automotive Electrics.
May 1981 Hebi Axle Factory merged into Hebi Automotive Electrics.
1988  Hebi Plastics Plant merged into Hebi Automotive Electrics.
1994 Henan Tianhai Electrics (Group) Company was established.
2006.10    Henan Tianhai Electrics (Group) was renamed Henan Tianhai Electrics Co., Ltd.
2007.08 Henan Tianhai Electrics Co., Ltd. and Henan Xuecheng Technology Co., Ltd. were restructured and listed in Singapore exchange.
Feb. 2008 Purchased Kensa U.S.A. and established Tena U.S.A.
Jan.9 2012 Acquired 51% equity interest in Liu Zhou Tianhai Mengli Electric Co., Ltd.
Sep.27 2012 Sold its entire 51% stake in Kunshan Tianhai Jiexing Co., Ltd (“Kunshan Jiexing”).
Feb. 9 2012 Divested the Group’s entire automotive connector and wiring harness business.
Mar. 2014 Henan Tianhai Electric Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the Company, acquired the remaining 20% equity interest in Hebi Tianzhong Connectors Co., Ltd, thus, Hebi Tianzhong becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Henan Tianhai.
Feb. 2017 The Company was delisted from the Singapore Stock Exchange.
2017 Tianhai was reorganized into a joint stock limited company and renamed as Tianhai Auto Electronics Group Co., Ltd.,in 2017.
2018 Tianhai Auto Electronics Industrial Park begins operations in 2018.

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