TDK Exhibit Highlights


Automotive World 2016

TDK automotive product lineup LTCC substrate for millimeter-wave radar
Pressure sensor dies
Alt. angle: [1] [2]

Ceramic element for EV cabin heater
Position sensor
Ferrite magnet for EPS motor

Wireless transmitter coil for Qi standard
Angle sensor for EPS motor
Common-mode filter for automotive LAN
Lithium-ion battery

Neodymium magnet for xEV drive motor
Temperature sensor for stater coil
Piezo element & transformer for ultrasonic sensor

DC-DC converter On-board charger

Coil for wireless charging system
Multilayer filter / antenna for wireless communication
Alt. angle

Wireless charging system
Left: receiver unit
Right: amplifier unit
Coil unit

3D transponder coil
LF antenna
-For smart key system

Highly reliable connectivity capacitor
-Compared with conventional products

Pressure sensor transmitter
Position sensor

VCA for AF/OIS of camera lens module
Common-mode filter

High voltage isolation transformer for IGBT gate drive
Power inductor


TDK’s automotive product lineup

TMR angle sensors
Wireless charging system
Installed vehicle: Toyota "Alphard"
-Used on Denso’s EPS motor
Profile of TDK