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Tokyo Motor Show 2013

Aibou Seat (reference exhibit)

-Created by Za laboratory, which examine the science and philosophy behind "Sitting Down" -Not using memory, but using various adjusters, to find suitable position for each passenger's body.

Drowsiness Reduction Seat (reference exhibit)

-Sensor in seat cushion detects driver's respiratory, and detects a state of low arousal, such as sleepiness. -Vibration motor in the seat activated to reduce drowsiness.

Comfort Seat for Minivan (reference exhibit)

-Uses Ottoman, seat back contour system, armrests with stepless adjuster Installed vehicle: Honda "New Odyssey"

New rear seat arrangement

-Uses rotational damper to store the rear seats slowly -10 percent reduction in weight compared to previous system Installed vehicle: Honda "New Fit"

Ultra-Lightweight Seat Frame (reference exhibit)

-Made from lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic, which offers the same level of strength as steel materials - Uses fewer components, leads to weight saving

Amazing Seat for a Motorcycle (reference exhibit)

-Uses seat device which can absorb a physical difference between persons on the seat -Equipped with a massage system

Ornament with Advanced and Traditional Collaboration (reference exhibit)

-Synthetic lacquer, special lighting, embroidery

Tokyo Motor Show 2011


New seat frame structure for automobiles

New seat frame structure for automobiles

Relax seat (reference exhibition)

Intelligent seat (reference exhibition)

Equipped with "Side support function", "Shape change function in the seat back surface" and "Pre-crash safety function for a frontal collision"

Tokyo Motor Show 2009


Installed vehicle : Honda "Insight"

Occupant protection seat for head-on crash (Reference exhibit)

Active headrest

Respirare (Reference exhibit)