Archives of Past Exhibits:Murata Manufacturing

Ceatec Japan 2015

3D dead reckoning

-High precision IMU (a combination of accelerometers and gyroscopes) and pressure sensor support autonomous driving with 3D position detection

Automated driving demonstration

Automated driving demonstration

Motion sensing solution

-Compact 3D position detection solution

Motion sensor module

Feed forward haptics

Feed forward haptics

Connectivity solution for automotive

Connectivity solution for automotive

Automotive World 2015

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

DC-DC converter for e-mobility

Installed vehicle: Terra Motors "A4000i"

Small package crystal unit for automotive

Small size rotary sensor

Power module for automotive

Ultrasonic sensor

High precision rotary position sensor

Combined gyro sensor and accelerometer

Ceatec Japan 2014

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity module and Miracast solution for automotive

Connectivity solution for automotive

Components for automotive use

Multilayer type thermoelectric generator

Automotive World 2014

High-input and output Type Lithium Ion Storage Module

-This Li-ion Battery Cells are developed in house. It achieved high-power output and incomparable quick charge capability. It planned to be on volume production for Low speed EV since 2015.

DC-DC Converter for e-bike

Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Connectivity Module and Miracast Solution for Automotive

Ultrasonic Sensor (Drip Proof Type)

AMR Sensor

Accelerometers and Gyroscopes


LTCC circuit board for transmission control unit

Installed Vehicle: Mercedes Benz with 7G-TRONIC transmission

DC-DC Converter with Pre-boost Circuit

Gyroscopes & Accelerometers

Ultrasonic Sensor

Ceatec Japan 2013

Accelerometers & Gyroscopes

DC-DC Converter for e-bike

Power module for Automotive

Components Corresponding to the Automotive Ethernet

2013 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Gyro-combo Sensor & Digital Output Accelerometer

-Adopted mainly for ESC.

Isolated type DC-DC Converter

-Suitable for PHEV・HEV's battery system.

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor with large capacity

-Contribute to smaller size of contactless power transfer system.

PTC Thermistor

-Foreign body detection for contactless power transfer system.

Clear Piezo Film

-Touch/Bend/Twisting detection -Reference exhibit

Ultrasonic Sensor (Drip Proof type)

-Contributing to multi-functional parking aid system.

Optical Interface

-Touchless motion sensing device -Reference exhibit

Shock Sensor for TPMS

-Contributing for low power consumption of TPMS battery. -Many adoption in North America.

Power Module for automotive application

2012 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Gyro combo sensors

Gyro combo sensors

Accelerometer sensor

Energy harvest

Energy harvest

Power generation by thermoelectric conversion elements

Energy harvest

-Energy generated by the thermoelectric conversion elements activates the barometric pressure sensor through wireless transmission -Elimination of batteries and wire harnesses improves the flexibility of parts layout

Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity module

Coil antenna

Low voltage drive DC-DC converter

FOT:Fiber Optical Transceiver

Common mode choke coil for large current

Automotive monolithic ceramic capacitor

Monolithic ceramic capacitor with metal terminal

Inverter input by multilayer ceramic capacitorss

2011 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Chip monolithic ceramic capacitors and noise suppression products

Highly reliable products for special mounting method and fail safe products

Metal terminal chip monolithic ceramic capacitor for power line

Monolithic ceramic capacitor for power electronics application

Safety certified ceramic capacitor for automotive

ESD protection device

Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC) multilayer module board





JSAE 2010

2010 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Micro Blower DC-DC Converter for Navigation/Audio System
image   image  

DC-DC Converter for HEV Drive System Master/Slave Controller & Battery Pack

Low Temperature CO-fired Ceramics Multilayer Module Board 150 degree centigrade max Radial Lead Type Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
image   image image

Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor with Metal Terminal Reliability Design Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
image   image  

Common Mode Choke Coil Block Type EMIFIL
image   image  

Energy Harvest  

JSAE 2009

Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC) Multi-layer Module Board (LFC(R))

Image (TCU)

Image (EPS)

Image (ESC/ABS)
Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor (for Power Electronics Application)
Inverter-loaded Circuit    

(Inverter Unit for KERS)
Rotary Position Sensor  
Multilayer Type Piezoelectric Actuator  
Ultrasonic Sensor, Gyro Sensor  
150 degrees C max. Radial Lead Type Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor  
Chip Ferrite Bead, Chip Inductor,
Three Terminal Capacitor/ T-type Filter
NTC Thermistor  
Common Mode Choke Coil, Block Type EMIFIL(R)
Ceramic Resonator (CERALOCK(R))  
SAW Filter, Chip Inductor  

JSAE 2008

Various electronic components and systems are on display, which were developed by full use of radiofrequency and sensing technologies based on functional ceramic materials and process engineering. 
Shock sensor (used for a tire)    

Rotating condition of a tire can be checked by detection of the change in gravitational acceleration. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) can be operated only when a tire is running, contributing to battery saving  


Rotary position sensor     

Despite small size, the sensor has achieved 10 M  cycle wear resistance performance  

Components for PND ( Personal Navigation Device) and Drive Recorder    
Image (Sample Car navigator)


Image (Shock sensor)
Low temperature co-fired ceramic multi-layer circuit (LFC)(R)  


Image (Sample before cofiring)

Image (TCU)

Image (EPS)

Layered ceramic condenser
(for large voltage)
-Contribute to downsizing and weight reduction of the EV/EV system inverter.
- Even small electrostatic capacity can control surge more efficiently.
(For inverter)