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2014 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

SCR Dosing System

-Under development -Technology adopted from Grundfos NoNOx A/S which the Company acquired in 2010. -Competitor: Bosch

SCR In-tank Module

SCR Control Unit

Water-cooled SCR Injector

AdBlue tank mock

Gen IV pump unit for generating stable pressure and Water cooled SCR injector -Demonstration

Electrically Heated Catalyst EHC -Demonstration of elevating temperature

Electrically Heated Catalyst EHC

Installed Vehicle: BMW "Alpina B12"

Electrically Heated Catalyst EHC for large vehicle

Partial flow DPF new PM-Metalit PM4

-Under development

SCRi system for Off-road vehicle

-Under development

UDP (Universal Dosing Pipe) for SCR

-Under development

Compact Catalyst Substrate System

Installed Vehicle: Volvo

Diesel Tandem Oxidation Catalyst for Tier4 Final

Installed Vehicle: Isuzu

The VW "MQB"-Close Coupled Exhaust Emission Control and EGR Filter

Installed Vehicle: VW "Golf", "Scirocco", "Touran", "Caddy", Audi "A3"

2013 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Turbulent Catalyst

Installed Vehicle: Maserati "Quattroporte", "Ghibli"


Close-Coupled Emission Control

Installed Vehicle: VW group

2013 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Universal Dosing Pipe (UDP) for SCR system

-Under development

AirlessSCR Dosing System

Installed Vehicle: MAN Truck

GenIII Tank-Integrated SCR Dosing System

Air-assisted SCR Dosing System

Installed Vehicle: LIEBHERR Truck

Emicat-Electrically Heated Catalysts

-Many European cars adopt this system.

The VW "MQB"-Close Coupled Exhaust Emission Control

Installed Vehicle: VW "Golf", "Scirocco", "Touran", "Caddy Audi "A3" -Ceramic catalyst is used at DPF.

Combined NOx-and PM-Emission Control for EU Stage IV under the Hood


-Metal plate is rolled up to form catalyst.

2012 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Range extender catalyst


Mixer catalyst

EMICAT: Electrically heated catalyst

Installed vehicle: BMW "Alpina B7", "750i"

Compact SCR unit from bottom side

Injector with different flanges

SCR Control Unit

Urea/Air nozzles

Connecting pipe

Air-assisted SCR dosing system

Compact SCRi-system for NRMM (EU Stage IV)

Close coupled catalyst in front of DPF

2011 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

METALIT Metallic Substrates for Catalytic Converters for 2/3 Wheeler


Comparison of the weight between Mantle Width 1mm and 0.5mm 400 PE.

PM-METALIT Maintenance Free System for Particulate Reduction

METALIT Advenced

Catalyst for Range Extender Vehicle Prototype

Backpressure Optimized Catalyst System with PE Technology

Installed Vehicles: Renault 「Twingo RS(Renault Sport)」1.6l 98kW

Lambdasensor Catalyst with integrated Control and OBD Sensor

Fiat Power Train Technologies 1750TBi Engine

Catalyst system EU 5

Installed Vehicles: Mercedes AMG SLS V8 6.2l

Electrically Heated Catalyst

Electrically Heated Catalyst Utilizing Emitec CompactCat Design


Thermoelectric Material in Exhaust Gas Cooling

Close Coupled Catalyst in front of DPF

Installed Vehicles: VW 2.0l CR TDI

Close Coupled Catalyst System EU 5

Installed Vehicles: VW 1.6l TDI

Air assisted SCR Dosing System

AirlessSCR Dosing System and Water coolant SCR Nozzle

Close Coupled Catalyst in front of DPF

Installed Vehicles: Volvo 2.4l TDI

JSAE 2011

Co-generation system with LS-Design EMITEC METALIT for Formula Nippon 2010 racing cars
Air assisted SCR Dosing System Airless SCR Dosing System
SCRa:2-Stage High-Performance SCR-System PM-Metalit-System for Stage IIIB
Image Image  
Emitec CompactCat for Diesel Engines Backpressure-Optimized Catalyst System with PE Technology
Installed vehicle :
Renault 「Twingo RS(Renault Sport)」1.6l 98kW
Image   Image

JSAE 2010

Passenger car exhaust
system for the simultaneous
reduction of PM- and
NOx- emissions
Continuous operating particle and NOx- reduction combi-system

Flexibility AdBlue dosing unit Catalyst
image   image image

JSAE 2009

Close Coupled Catalyst in front of DPF (Used on VW 2.0L CR TDI engine)
Installed models
- VW Jetta
- VW Tiguan
- VW Golf
EGR Filters Electrically Heated Catalyst

(EGR Annular Filter)

(EGR Tube Filter)

Metal Substrates  
PM3: PM-Metalit(R) Pre-Turbo-Metalit(TM)