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Tokyo Motor Show 2005

"SASC" [Side Action Spring by CHKK]
- Design to reduce the friction of a suspension with curbed center line of  spring and ontrolled spring reaction force. The Company appeals the  improvement of riding comfort and steer feeling.
- Springs are cold formed, and the emission of CO2 was reduced by 30 % in   the production process. (vs.  the conventional production method.)

Stabilizer bar, for active suspension control system <<<Features
- Both driving comfort and safety can be improved by controlling the  stabilizer bar actively.

Tubular stabilizer bar
- The use of tubular material, swaged for stress equality realized both high  rigidity material and weight reduction, 50 % less compared with solid bar.

Leaf spring <<<Features
- Such a optimized design as tapered leaf, reduction of the number of the  leaf, realized weight reduction, 25 % less.

Power slide door cable

Engine valve spring

- This spring holds and shuts the intake and exhaust valve. The optimized  design with reinforced material can correspond to light, low cost and higher  durability.

- This system is built in the gas generation device to swell the air bag  balloon. The coolant works for filtering the contents of imperfect gas  combustion and a remnant exploded gun powder, and for cooling gas.

DPF mesh filter
- DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is the technology to clean the elements by  entrapping particulate materials emitting out from diesel engines. The wire  mesh spring is used for filter in DPF.

Bio soluble fiber mat ISO Mat AV
- The Company developed a fiber made mat using Isofrax邃「 that is a harmful  solution as it will eject fiber in a short time.