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Tokyo Motor Show 2005

Tokyo Motor Show 2005
At the show, the Company introduced proprietary technologies such as hydroforming and aluminum hybrids, in addition to actual products such as a passive-safety (or anti-backward) brake pedal system. 

-Hydroforming is a process that uses pipes to form products of closed-section construction. With the dies in a closed state, the insides of the pipes are filled with liquid and pressure is applied, resulting in the formation of hollow parts. Compared to conventional forming methods, hydroforminng reduces the number of stamping processes and dies, in addition to simplifying the welding process. Also, the resulting improvement in strength and hardness enable the parts to be made lighter in weight. 
-Hydroforming enables the Company's two production facilities, one in Canada and the other in the USA, to produce 7,500 sub-frames per day. 

Aluminum processing technology
-Aluminum Hybrid Construction
 This technology is a combination of aluminum parts formed under different methods. The types of parts used include die-cast parts, bulge-formed parts (hot hydroforming pipe materials), and general parts made of expanded materials. As a result, aluminum processing reduces weight while at the same time provides collision safety. 

Anti-backward brake pedal <<<technical information
When a collision occurs, the force of the collision propels the pedal forward, preventing injury to lower limbs. The Company designed this brake with the idea of increasing passenger safety during collisions.