Anhui Zhongding Sealing Parts Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



Zhongding Industry Zone, Ningguo Economic Technology Development Zone, Ningguo, Anhui 242300, China

Business Overview

-A leading Chinese manufacturer of automotive air suspension systems, chassis systems, fluid piping systems, and other products, in addition to sealing components.

-The company's subsidiaries include air suspension systems supplier AMK Holding GmbH & Co.KG, ball joint assemblies supplier Sichuan Wangjin Machinery Co., Ltd., and Tristone Flowtech Holding S.A.S., which handles thermal management piping assemblies for engines and New Energy Vehicle batteries.

-The company has R&D centers in China, Germany and the U.S., and production sites in China, the U.S., Germany, Austria, Hungary, France and Slovakia.

-In 2022, the company's sales in the field of new energy reached CNY 3.644 billion, accounting for 25.75% of the annual sales of its automotive business.

-The company's main automotive business segments are:

  • Air Suspension Systems for Intelligent Chassis

-Major products include air compressors, control units, multi-system sensors, and air springs.

-AMK Holding GmbH & Co. KG (AMK), a subsidiary in Germany, supplies products to OEMs including Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, Audi, and BMW. AMK China has received orders from NIO and Dongfeng Voyah. AMK China has so far won orders totaling CNY 7.314 billion.

  • Lightweight Chassis Systems for Intelligent Chassis

-The company has recently focused on the development of lightweight chassis system assemblies, winning orders from many OEMs including Mercedes-Benz, Changan, GAC, and BYD.

  • Fluid Piping Systems

-R&D and production of rubber tubing for thermal management applications. Its German subsidiary, Tristone Flowtech Holding S.A.S. (TFH), is a supplier of tube assemblies for thermal management systems of engines and New Energy Vehicle (NEV) batteries, with patented "Creatube" production technology and core technology for TPV hose and nylon tubing. TFH has already set up a company in China and started to develop the Chinese domestic market. Thermal management tube systems for NEVs are supplied to NEV platforms of OEMs including BMW, Volvo, Audi, VW, Geely, XPeng, and Li Auto.

-The development of the new energy cooling pipeline assembly business is led by TFH, and the development of the new energy temperature control system assembly business is led by Anhui Zhongding Fluid System Co., Ltd.

  • Sealing Systems

-The company’s major subsidiaries include KACO GmbH + Co. KG (KACO) in Germany, Cooper Products, Inc. in the U.S., and Acushnet Rubber Company, Inc. also in the U.S.

-KACO focuses its business in the area of New Energy Vehicles and has developed and supplied seals for high performance new energy motors. This subsidiary has also developed sealing systems for new energy battery modules and electric axles, etc., and supplied products to NEV platforms of OEMs including Volvo, NIO, SAIC and GAC.


-Listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange

(as of Dec. 31, 2022)
Shareholders Shareholding (%)
Anhui Zhongding Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. 40.46
Others 59.54
Total 100.00


Air-suspension Systems

-Air compressors
-Control units
-Multi-system sensors
-Air springs

Chassis Systems
-Chassis suspensions
-Damper dust covers
-Damping dust covers
-Stabilizer bar bushings
-Shock absorber sleeve assemblies
-Shock absorber spring pad

Cooling Systems


Engine Systems
Heater tubes
Oil fill pipes
Air tubes
Radiator tubes
Intake tubes
Exhaust pipes
Three-dimensional blow-molded intake pipes
Engine mountings
Torsional vibration dampers
Filter gaskets
O rings
Radiator seals
Sealing gaskets
Intake manifold seals
Engine oil seals
Main gear oil seals
Front axle oil seals
Valve seals

Braking Systems
Brake caliper dust covers
Pump dust covers
Brake dust covers
Oil cup seals
Clutch covers
Back shell seals
Valve seals
Guide pin dust covers
ABS assembly rubber parts
Vacuum booster control valves

Steering Systems
Steering seals
Steering dust covers
Steering gear boots
Steering column boots
Steering bushings
Strut bushings
Universal joint plates
Power steering hose assemblies

Body Systems
Exhaust pipe hangers
Body rubber parts
Oil filler sleeves
Exhaust pipe lugs
Automotive air-conditioning drainage pipe
Water tanks
Pedal pads

Electrical Systems & Lamps
Harness hoses
Harness sheathing
Electric car rubber mats
Lamp mats

Filter Systems
Rectangular rings
Check valve plates

Drive System
Intermediate supports
Input shaft oil seals
Hub oil seals
Shift shaft oil seals
Differential axle oil seals
Transmission oil seals
Protection masks
Spiral buffer blocks

New Energy products
Metal tubes
Battery cooling system hose assemblies
Generator cooling water outlet aluminum pipes
Heater valve inlet aluminum pipe assemblies
Battery module cooling water inlet aluminum pipes
Electric car charging piles
Exhaust gas purification carriers


Jan. 1980 Anhui Ningguo Sealing Plant, the Company's predecessor, was established.
Dec. 1992 Anhui Ningguo Sealing Plant finished restructuring and formed Zhongding Co., Ltd.
2003 The Company formed "Zhongding America Inc." in the USA.
Jan. 2005 Anhui Zhongding Taike Automotive Seals Co., Ltd., joint venture with Korean Taike Co., Ltd, came into operation.
Jun. 2008 The Company acquired Allied Baltic Rubber, an American company.
Dec. 2008 The Company established Zhongding Europe in Germany.
Sep. 2009 The Company acquired American rubber plant BRP and MRP, merged BRP and MRP with Allied-Baltic Rubber to form Zhongding Sealing (USA) Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2010 The Company acquired Tianjin Feilong Rubber Parts Co., Ltd.
2011 The Company acquired American Cooper Co., Ltd.
2014 The Company acquired German KACO Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2015 Zhongding Europe Holding Limited, subsidiary of the Company, acquired 100% shares of WEGU Holidng to Zhongding Europe at EUR 95 million.
Sep. 2015 Zhongding Europe Holding Limited, subsidiary of the Company, acquired 100% shares of FM Sealing to Zhongding Europe at 1 euro.
Mar. 2016 Zhongding Europe, its wholly owned subsidiary, acquired 42.87% of Swiss-based Green Motion SA shares at CHF 12 million.
Jun. 2016 Zhongding Europe GmbH, the Company's wholly owned subsidiary, has signed an agreement to acquire AMK Holding GmbH & Co. KG for EUR 130 million.
Jan. 2017 The Company made an official announcement about its plan to acquire all the Tristone Flowtech Holding S.A.S. shares owned by Bavaria France Holding S.A.S.
Jul. 2018 AMK Holding GmbH & Co. KG, a German subsidiary of the Company, has invested in the establishment of AMK (Anhui) Automotive E-Drive Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2019 Zhongding Precision Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new plant in Chachoengsao, Thailand.
Oct. 2019 The Company's wholly owned subsidiary Zhongding NVH acquired a 80.8494% stake in Sichuan Wangjin Machinery.
Dec. 2021 Bridgestone transferred anti-vibration rubber business to Zhongding.

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