UK car production decrease 13.3% to 144,225 units in June  [ UK ]

On July 27, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) announced that the number of UK car production for June decreased 13.3% over the previous year to 144,225 units. Passenger car production was down 13.7% to 136,901 units and commercial vehicle production was down 4.7% to 7,324 units year over year(y/y). Production of engines was down by 2.2% to 236,727 units.
Vehicle exports fell 12.4% (y/y) to 111,629 units and domestic sales declined 16.3% (y/y) to 32,596 units. The percentage of export was 77.4%.
In the first half of 2017, total vehicle production decreased 3.1% (y/y) to 910,438 units. The passenger car production was down 2.9% to 866,656 units, commercial vehicle was down 8.1% to 43,782 units and engines were up 3.6% to 1,409,661 units.
Mike Hawes, CEO of SMMT said "World-class engineering, productivity, strong government collaboration and massive investment in the past few years have helped UK Automotive become a global success story. At the heart of this has been the free and frictionless trade we’ve enjoyed with the EU - by far our biggest customer and supplier. But Brexit uncertainty is not helping investment and growth is stalling. The government has been in “listening” mode but now it must put on the table the concrete plans that will assure the future competitiveness of the sector. Investors need certainty so, at the very least, the UK must seek an interim deal which maintains single market and customs union membership until we have in place the complex new agreement sought with the EU."

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