Indonesian sales up 1.9% in January  [ Indonesia ]

Indonesian automobile manufacturers association (Gaikindo) and other sources reported that Indonesian vehicle sales in January were 86,601 units up 1.9% year over year. It was the 10th consecutive month of increases.
By automaker sales in January, Toyota was up 30.2% y/y to 32,377 units and Honda was down 12.9% to 16,896 units. Daihatsu was up 20.0% to 15,826 units. Mitsubishi was up 4.1% to 7,982 units. Suzuki was down 29.5% to 7,387 units.
Toyota and Daihatsu sales were very strong with recently launched new models.
Gaikindo forecasts that 2017 sales will reach 1.1 million units. It sees that infrastructure projects and rising prices of commodities such as coal, palm oil, which has been the mainstay of the national export commodities, will help to increase automobile demand.

<Mar 23, 2017>